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[After Niea destroys her apartment] "Well, I'm steering my life of poverty in new and uncharted territory."
Mayuko Chigasaki, Niea Under 7

Spike: There is no beef in here. So you wouldn't really call it grilled pepper and beef, now would you?

Jet: Yes, I would.

Spike: Well, it's NOT!

Jet: It is when you're broke, alright?

Spike: What happened to the million woolong reward we got for that last guy?

Jet: (with Cross-Popping Veins) The repair bill for that cruiser you wrecked... (Spike makes an Oh Crap face)... and the one for that shop you trashed... (Spike sinks into his seat) ...and the medical bill for the cop you injured... (Spike sinks further) ...KILLED THE DOUGH!!!
"Hunger is the best spice, they say."
Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop
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