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  • "If you come into battle with a hundred undead soldiers to save the day, you're everyone's friend." Nico finally feeling accepted.
  • "And it was the best underwater kiss of all time." Certainly heartwarming for the Percy/Annabeth fans, but think about this: Percy has finally earned his reward after four years of absolute torture.
  • Poseidon telling Percy that he was his favourite son.
    • Ditto for Percy getting a hug from his dad for the first time at the end of The Last Olympian.
  • Tyson talking about how alone he felt on the streets, and even praying to the gods yielded no results. Then the gods sent him Percy.
    • The reveal that the bits of metal Tyson had been tinkering with for all of book 2 was a special shield for Percy.
  • Hades being all stunned at the warm welcome he recieves from the other Olympians at the end of book five.
  • Calypso letting Percy go. The fact that she loved him enough to let him go, even though she'd spend thousands of years waiting for a new love which would be ripped away again anyways... Also doubles as a major Tear Jerker. ;_;
  • Annabeth taking the knife for Percy in The Last Olympian, and then that entire scene where Percy tells her about his Achilles spot.
  • Zoe Nightshade sacrificing herself for Artemis. Even though Artemis was a goddess and couldn't really be killed, Zoe didn't even hesitate before throwing herself between Atlas and her lady. Artemis' clear anguish after Zoe's death, coupled with the fact that she chose to give her the highest honor imaginable, preserving her spirit in the stars, adds to the tear-jerking legacy the lieutenant left behind.
    • And while we're on Zoe, the fact that she sobs--literally breaks down and sobs--after Bianca's death is not to be shrugged off. This girl is over two thousand years old and has had more than her fair share of loss, but she's not jaded.
  • In "The Red Pyramid", part of a companion series to Percy Jackson, Bast's line after telling the Kanes about how she abandoned her post fighting Apophis. "I am the queen of cats. I have many strengths. But to be honest, Carter...cats are not very brave."
  • In The Last Olympian, a very subtle CMOH is when Percy and Annabeth, riding through the city, in the middle of a huge battle to save the world, stop to help people who have fallen asleep in dangerous places, like in front of cars, and put out fires. The end of the world is going on, and they still care enough to stop and make sure people are safe. Because they're heroes, and that's what heroes do.
  • To be completely honest, Percy’s relationship with his mother is completely this. There is nothing they don’t share and nothing they won’t to for each other
    • Percy's relationship with his new stepfather Paul and Sally's relationship with him as well could also be seen as this; especially after year's of putting up with Smelly Gabe
  • At the end of the fifth book, after the gods are finished rewarding everyone, the cyclopes form an isle while standing at attention, and before Percy leaves Tyson says this.

 Tyson: Hooray for Percy Jackson, Hero of Olympus, and my Big Brother!

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