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"B is for Buy-N-Large: your very best friend."

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No Real Life Examples, Please.

Examples of Peace and Love Incorporated include:

Comic Books

  • Veidt industries from Watchmen.
  • Grant Morrison created Hexus, the Living Corporation, for his Marvel Boy mini-series. Hexus is described as a living corporate entity, a parasite that eliminates all corporate competition on its host world, "employs" the population and completely devours all of that planet's resources before sending its "logo-spores" to the next world it conquers.


  • Initech, in Office Space
  • Buy-n-Large, in WALL-E
  • The megacorporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) in RoboCop. Which owns the Detroit police and secretly arms street gangs with military-grade weapons in an attempt to spread terror and drive away the remaining citizens of Old Detroit so that they can tear down the city and rebuild it as chrome-sparkling "Delta City" (where supposedly no-one below an Upper Class income is allowed to set foot in except to clean away the trash). Oh, and they use a clinically dead policeman (our titular protagonist) as a test person for their new cyborg program, after declaring him legally dead and wiping his mind. You wouldn't believe that if you'd seen their bright, upbeat TV ad campaigns, though.
  • Welcome to Costco. I love you.


  • 1984 by George Orwell turns the entire government into Peace and Love Incorporated. But especially the minipax (Ministry of Peace).
    • To some extent, yes, but the Party is also quite willing to state that its goal is privation, submission, and cruelty without end ("If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face -- forever.").
    • By contrast, the religion/government/companies ruling Aldous Huxley's Brave New World oppress you by promising, and delivering on, everything you could possibly want -- of course, what it is possible for you to want is under their tight control....
  • Similarly, the Community of Lois Lowry's The Giver. "You are not 'starving'. You will never be 'starving.'"
  • Share and enjoy! is the motto of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, an enormous conglomerate whose complaints department takes up the better parts of several planets and in fact has been the company's only profitable division for several years.
  • The United, Global Community becomes this in Left Behind.
  • The Goliath Corporation in the Thursday Next series renovates itself as a Peace And Love Incorporated midway through the series, going so far as to even develop a corporate religion.
    • They actually seem to mean it, too, before being bought out by the Toast Marketing Board thanks to a time-traveling saint with a gambling problem.
  • The National Institute for Coordinated Experimentation.
  • Pretty much any business run by a villain in Atlas Shrugged will be one of these, using political connections and loopholes in the regulations they themselves push for to gain profit and crush their competitors while also making a big public show of how they're in business "for the good of others". James Taggart, the CEO of Taggart Transcontinental, is probably the best at this game. In contrast, the heroic businessmen, while also being motivated by money, make no hypocritical attempts to hide the fact and believe in actually providing quality goods and services to earn it.
  • The Corporation of The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman is like this. The leader is even called "Earth Mother".

Live Action TV

  • Midway through Cheers, Sam sold the bar to the Lillian Corporation, which is described as a leading manufacturer of munitions, rocket boosters and fine confections.
  • The short-lived Fred Savage sitcom Working centered around the employees of uber-conglomerate Upton/Webber. Each episode typically featured a fake U/W commercial proudly touting its corporate beneficence and commitment to ethics--usually with regard to things like cloning, toxic waste cleanup and weapons production.
  • The Smart Brain corporation from Kamen Rider 555.
  • Veridian Dynamics, Better Off Ted
  • In the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Perfect," the squad encounters a doctor who owns a clinic specializing in hormone treatments to prevent aging and uses the profits to establish a network of charities and self-help organizations dedicated to helping the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. If you've already realized that the whole thing is a Path of Inspiration, you get a cookie.

Video Games

  • Aperture Science: We Do What We Must Because We Can. There, a small cell with a stasis pod and a toilet is a "Relaxation Vault".
    • GlaDOS herself is the logical conclusion to this trope: a sentient AI, pretending to be friendly, is way creepier than if she were unfeeling.
  • Mother 3: Tower of Peace and Love. STAY AWAY!
  • The game Tiny Tank has a corporation called Sentrax, whose slogan is "Bringing you peace one war at a time."
  • Altru Corporation from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (in the Japanese version, it had the even more blatant name Angel Corporation).
    • Altru is arguably as revealing as Angel, being short for "altruistic".
  • Vault-Tec from the Fallout series. Examples include such fun things as building faulty survival equipment on purpose, building survival shelters in which the doors wouldn't close or attempts to brainwash vault citizens that end horribly, and stuffing one vault with twice as many people as there was capacity for and then handing out free guns and ammo. All in the name of social experiments.
    • Considering these Vaults wouldn't be populated until there was a nuclear war, you might wonder how they were planning to use, or even collect, the results of these experiments.
      • Their leadership was in cahoots with the Enclave who had the means to survive past the nuclear apocalypse. The original plan was to use the test data in order to build a fleet of spaceships and leave the planet for good. Somewhere along the line the plan was scrapped, since the world ended up even worse off than expected.
        • Which is remarkable when you consider that they built bunker doors weighing 13 tons and outfitted the overseers office with machineguns.
  • The TriOptimum Corporation from System Shock.
  • The World of Goo Corporation.
    • MOM might also count.
  • The Versalife Corporation from Deus Ex is the sole manufacturer of a cure to a deadly plague that it had previously engineered and unleashed on the world.
  • Pretty much every corporation in Mass Effect, especially the ones on Illium. One of the most prominent is Indenture Tech: "You've been a slave to your employees for too long. Shouldn't it be the other way around?"
  • Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Inc. from Resident Evil. To the public, they're known for developing medicine, cosmetics, and food. Of course, all this is a front for their more sinister activities in creating biological weapons and military technology.
  • Ryu ga Gotoku's tutorial takes place in the offices of a Loan Shark firm called "Peace Finance".
  • The third case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trial & Tribulations has another Loan Shark firm with a harmless, friendly name: "Tender Lender".

Web Original

Western Animation

 "Mom," "love," and "screen door" are registered trademarks of Mom Corp.


  • The Nightmare Fuel-filled video for Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc" depicts the male band members apparently trapped in one of these. It's not clear what Feel Good Inc actually does, if anything, but the building is a tall tower set in a dystopian wasteland, with creepy red lighting in the tower and TV screens showing film of people laughing insanely.
    • The atmosphere inside, with most of the guests lying around in stupor, implies a brothel, nightclub or drug den, perhaps all at once.
    • 2D kind of brings up that Gorillaz are the ones who made the tower in the first place, so it's like they were wallowing in their success until it, for lack of a better word, fermented.

 2D: "The palace we built has become a prison... That's what the song's about."

Murdoc: "Looks like a good party to me."

  • The Trope Namer is a 1992 album by Synth Pop band Information Society, and its title track, with the video featuring captions such as "YOU are a PRODUCT" and fake products like Envy sneakers, Morality deodorant, and "good cause" bleach.
  • The 1973 Genesis song The Battle of Epping Forest contains the following lines, sung by The Reverend, who's abandoned his ministry to work for East End Gangsters

 When poor, 'twas salvation from door to door,

But now, with a pin-up guru every week,

It was Love, Peace and Truth Incorporated for all who seek.

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