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Pcull (technically, Pcull with five 4's after it, but they're generally not referred to anyway) is a YouTube-based Lets Player. And while being emotive and interesting to listen to is generally important for a Let's Player, Pcull is notable for going far above and beyond. He has an extremely bombastic narration style, full of overblown diction, wildly vacillating voices and accents, and his fairly deep natural voice. Add to that a tendency to ramble at length about whatever comes to mind while he's playing the game (he once burst into the entirety of a Tiny Tim song just because he felt like it), and you have one wacky LP'er on your hands.

As for the games he's Let's Played themselves, he's tackled a number of games from Nintendo systems, mostly the Super Nintendo. He's also played a number of the 2D Zelda games, as well as several licensed titles.

Games he's Let's Played include:

This LP'er gives examples of:

  • Angrish: Most of his part in the Battletoads race is like this, but special mention must be made of one moment late in Part 3: After getting thrown across the room for the umpteenth time by one of the rubber ducks in Stage 9, his frustration breaks down into what can only be described as a real-life Stupid Statement Dance Mix. (Check it out around 27 minutes into the video.)
    • At the end of the race, he was given an achievement for the sheer number of times he went into an incoherent rage:

   Quit Yo' Jibba Jabba!: Spoke in gibberish the most

 Proton Jon: That's what you get for getting cocky.

Pcull44444: I didn't get cocky, I got hopeful.

Peace out, mothertruckers!


  1. Why are you keeping such things in your chest? That just... concerns me.
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