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Let’s Play

  • Paw's Let's Play of King's Quest V has two particularly funny moments: Naming a save file "Paw Harpy Rape" and

 Paw: You're welcome, you ungrateful biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!

    • The crowning moment, however, is at the end of the whole Let's Play... whereas Paw suddenly finds the world works kind of like the King's Quest V world, with interfaces, narrations, etc. And then he dies on a shallow water... and it turns out that King Graham is playing 'Paw's Quest V'.
      • Paw trying to take a drink of water only to be interrupted by the narrator, causing him to jump and Spit Take.
    • Two words: THE YETI.
      • When Graham tries to use the wand on the Yeti:

 "Eat wand-y death, Yeti! [Yeti grabs Graham] Or... eat my face."

      • Paw's reaction to using the pie on the Yeti is priceless!
    • Falling off the edges of cliffs... ESPECIALLY after the Yeti is defeated and Paw saves the game!
      • There is also one time when Graham suddenly trips and falls off three feet from the steps... just before his Stock Scream is cut off a split-second later by his body hitting the floor, resulting in a senseless Death by Falling Over! Paw's reaction to that is priceless: "What?! I died from a three-foot fall?! King Swayze's bones must have been made out of rice cakes!"
    • "It's a POOOOOIIIISONOUS snake!"
      • "Is it a POOOOOIIIISONOUS boat?"
      • And in the King's Quest V retrospective, he wins a prize for making the thousandth joke about how annoying Cedric is: the ability to force cameos to say the line.
    • "Ah, life-giving water...NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNECTAR of the GODS!!!"
    • "I don't need your help - I have a bag of dried peas!"
    • "If I had another bag of peas, I'd kick your ass!"
    • Cheese powering a magical machine is funny all on its own, but Paw's reaction to it is what really makes this hilarious.
    • Some of the narrator's inexplicable reactions to things in the game, and Paw's reactions to that.

 Narrator:* stunned* "The pouch is empty!"

Paw: "OH MY GOD!"

    • The end of episode 7, after getting frustrated by the witch toadifying Graham in the woods:

 Paw: Okay, let's see if Crispin can help me out with this.

(Fast Forward to Crispin's house)

Narrator: The door to Crispin's house is now locked.

Paw: Fuck.

    • When Cedric gets injured and Paw leaves him for dead, cackling maniacally. "So long, Cedric! See ya later, sucker!"
      • And then in the next video he has second thoughts and goes back to save the little guy, but still can't resist the opportunity...

 Paw: *selects the hammer from his inventory* I'LL MAKE IT BETTER!

Narrator: That will do nothing to help Cedric.

Paw: It'll do something to help me! WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM!

    • His initial reaction to hearing about Madame Mushka. "THE MAMUSHKA!"
  • From his Alice in Wonderland Let's Play, "Fuck ladders, I am invincible."
    • His frustration throughout Part 8, culminating with big Alice hitting the ceiling.
    • Every time he collects an item, he usually starts declaring things along the lines of, 'Mine' 'This belongs to me now' or 'And I will take all of this.' After a while, you just start laughing at it.
    • The unexpected appearance of Christopher Walken in the finale. Along with the Continuity Nod of Paw drinking 'Nectar of the Gods' brand water.
    • His reaction to the image of Alice kneeling down in front of the caterpillar. "Oh, that is suggestive!"
  • In one of his co-op Let's Plays with Pushing Up Roses, he's apparently unfamiliar with the use of the term 'mans' for lives, and reacts with confusion every time she uses it.
    • In their co-op Oregon Trail LP, Paw echoes the sentiment of...basically most people who play the hunting minigame.


      • When coming up with people to populate the wagon, Roses suggests Todd in the Shadows, so Paw says "I'm gonna call him 'Tits'." Just the way he says it, and Roses' reaction.
  • In the Amazon Trail Let's Play with Pushing Up Roses, he gives the Inca king at the end a variety of accents, ending in Tommy Wiseau's.
  • In No One Lives Forever 2, Paw muses, after killing several bunnies with a sniper rifle, "Nobunny lives forever."


Music Movies

  • Dancing the Time Warp.
  • Paw's recap of just how much Prince Ali brings with him in his Music Movies for Aladdin. All 650+ people, animals and servants included.
    • Also, his casual reference to how the artists had "a little too much fun" drawing the dancing girls in Prince Ali's procession.
    • "He was a Dark tall man, with his dark parrot Iago, in the darkest part of the desert, alright, I'll stop."
  • In his Music Movies of Jesus Christ Superstar, his comment that Simon the Zealot's "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-MENNNNNNNNN!!!" should be how all prayers should finish. He then demonstrates and nearly brings down the house. Literally.
  • After the crowd disperses after watching the Von Trapp's showstopping "So Long, Farewell" musical number in The Sound of Music:

 Crowd: Terrible... just terrible...

  • Banjo-playing Cyborg Kermit the Frog.
    • Any time he makes the Muppets sound like a minority or slaves.
  • In his recap of Peter Pan, he makes the obligatory "Clap if you believe in fairies" gag:

 Linkara: I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies!

Phelous: I believe in fairies! According to this cameo for Paw, I believe in fairies!

The Makeover Fairy: I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies! I am a fairy!

Vangelus: I believe in fairies! They're delicious!

    • Then during the credits:

 Vangelus: (fiddling with an exacto knife) My sandwich has a first name, it's F-A-I-R-Y...


 Paw: I am a man! (brings out a chainsaw)

  • After seeing the church lead by James Brown in The Blues Brothers, he's excited to go to church for the first time in ten years. Only to find it's not the same...

 Paw: You lied to me!

  • His reaction to the Hell Tunnel in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is part this, part Nightmare Fuel.
  • Elisa's sockpuppet rendition of Faust.
    • When she gets the socks out again to explain another character, Paw stops her.
    • That whole review is gold, honestly.
    • This troper was anticipating a joke at Jessica Harper's dance. Their reactions to it were priceless.
    • The opening of the review, when Elisa is playing that her Phantom of the Opera dolls are putting a "master plan" into action, only to crumple into a depressed heap when Paw's dart flies through a portal in her wall and hits one. And her entire intro scene with him is accompanied by music from Phantom of the Opera.
    • When Paw plays "The Sword of Damocles" over the beginning of Beef's song, before Elisa puts a stop to it.
    • Paw: "And who do they find?"

 Both: BEEF!"


 Oh, God, it's "Corn Rigs" all over again!

    • Paw singing the title song with random words in place of Snoopy's name. Eventually, he Skypes Obscurus Lupa so she can hear him sing it with her name. She gets so annoyed, she tries to replace Snoopy's name with Paw's, but discovers it doesn't have the right number of syllables.
  • And in Oklahoma!, Roses evidently knows how to hack into Paw's show to give reasons why she likes the show...ignoring Paw completely.

  on paper Can I please continue?

  • Paw's annoyance with the differences between Annie and its play lead to him deciding to remove Aileen Quinn's pupils, so she could look more like Annie did in the comic. The end result turns out scarier than he expected.
    • Paw re-editing the "Maybe" number to make it seem like the other orphan girls can't stand Annie singing so late at night.
  • From My Fair Lady, his suddenly breaking out into a Spanish weather report, saying that it is going to be fairly chilly and "a real weenie shrinker."
    • His entering a rare RAGE at the movie's ending.
    • "Holy jumpin' fuckin' Jesus!"
    • Paw joining Crazy Hat Day at the Ascot Races.
  • Paw & Elisa team up again for Fantasia... and they bring the funny again.
    • The return of the sock puppets was brilliant.
  • Joined by JewWario and Nella, the entirety of the sequel Fantasia 2000 takes place in an alternate universe where, somehow, the first movie doesn't exist.
    • The video opens with JewWario and Nella playing a My Little Pony RPG.
    • AU!Linkara is a Time Lord
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