Paul WS Anderson is an English director and producer. He has largely stayed in the realm of being a Journeyman Director, basically someone called in to make a movie under the direction of the suits. While that might earn some derision as someone who "makes someone elses' movie," he has taken those movies that could easily become merely a paycheck and turned them into something rather watchable and surprisingly entertaining.

He has carved out a niche in the business of being hard-working and staying within budget. His first major breakthrough was directing the first Mortal Kombat movie, which managed to get some major critics supporting it, appeal to a mainstream audience and make it's money back. Today the movie is regarded as a bit of a Cult Classic. He has since been involved with several other video-game inspired movies, all with a similar degree of respect.

Not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson, although both have gone by merely Paul Anderson before.


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