Paul Heyman (born September 11th, 1965) is a professional wrestling manager, promoter and booker best remembered for his time as booker and owner of the original ECW, although he also worked for WWE and WCW (going by the name Paul E. Dangerously in the latter). He first broke into wrestling as a photographer, similar to Jim Cornette. After a succesful run in WCW as a manager, he moved to ECW to assist Eddie Gilbert with the booking, later taking over as booker by himself and then buying the company outright. After ECW folded, he took a job as a commentator for the WWE, later becoming a manager again (mostly notably for Brock Lesnar) and booker for the SmackDown and resurrected ECW brands. He left wrestling after the extremely disappointed ECW December To Dismember PPV in 2006, but returned as Lesnar's legal counsel in May 2012.

Tropes Associated With Paul Heyman

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