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A pastiche imitates a Genre or body of work in the same way a Parody imitates a particular work. Various elements will be mixed and matched, some emphasised, some downplayed, in the hope of creating something funny.

Pastiche is generally considered the gentlest form of comedy, as it is almost impossible to create a pastiche of something one does not enjoy.

The key difference between a parody and a pastiche is that a parody imitates one or two specific works, while a pastiche imitates several related works. However, it is entirely possible for something to be both a pastiche and a parody - Scary Movie, for example, is a parody of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and a pastiche of Horror movies in general.

See also Musical Pastiche. Compare Satire, Parody, Farce.

Examples of Pastiche include:
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