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  • When Claudia gets her period, Bailey is the one who ends up taking her to the drugstore, and while she searches for tampons, he searches for condoms for his date that night.
  • In one episode, Claudia gets a good review in the paper for her violin playing, and she ends up letting the praise go to her head, and acts like a diva. Later in that episode, Charlie is doing a design project at the last minute, and he asks Bailey and Julia for their help. While the three of them are working, Claudia comes up to them and offers to help, but all three of them tell her with a straight face she shouldn't get involved because she shouldn't do anything to hurt her hands, which she needs for her violin playing. What makes it especially funny is after Claudia storms off, Charlie asks the other two if he was too hard on her, and they look at each other before answering, in unison, "Nah."
  • In one episode, Bailey and Julia are arguing over who gets to move into a spare bedroom, and the fight reminds Justin and Sarah of an episode of The Brady Bunch, and while they laugh while remembering it, Bailey and Julia are not amused.
  • On the night before Charlie and Kirsten's first attempt at a wedding, they have their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. For the latter, Claudia attempts to rent Kirsten An Affair to Remember, except there's a porn movie inside the box instead. What makes it especially funny is near the end of the episode, we see the guys at Charlie's bachelor party are watching An Affair to Remember, and tearing up.
  • A season 6 episode reveals that sweet and innocent Kirsten has a thing for tying guys up. The end of the episode has Charlie unpacking her shopping bags to find a pair of scarves.
  • Kirsten's stress about her season 2 wedding in the episode "Dearly Beloved" gives us a load of them:
    • At the start she comes home 6 hours early from a shopping trip with her mother (at the other end of the country) with an incoherent rant about them arguing about her dress. Complete with mad hand gestures too.
    • When she gets sick of everyone else interfering with her plans Charlie finds her in the garden counting to 1000 through clenched teach because "10 didn't work, 100 didn't work".
    • And when she tries on the mother's old wedding dress, which is quite the wrong size for her she finally snaps and yells "I'm gonna need a straitjacket! Hey, why don't I wear one of those! It's white, it's classic and it'll fit me better than this!"
  • In "Change Partners And Dance" Charlie subtly tells Kirsten she's a lot like her mother, prompting this exchange.

 Kirsten: "Okay, how about that time we made love in the laundry room?"

Charlie: "Okay, I give. How about that time?"

Kirsten: "Well that was pretty spur-of-the-moment"

Charlie: "Yeah, I guess. That was...last year"

Kirsten: "I don't always make plans. You know what, I was supposed to call the man about the invitations today. And you know what, I didn't. (claps hands together, looking even crazier) What the hell!

  • One of Julia's stories gets published in a magazine (against her will) and we gradually find out that her characters are all negative exaggerations of her family's quirks. For example, Claudia reads herself as a robotic violinist, Bailey gets "sex drive with legs" and we never find out Charlie's.
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