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Trope Co is happy to present some brand new products based on recent advances in synergetics:
  • Soup Axe: the best friend of traveler, it's about the only food that you can safely cook many, many times. Not only that, it's also very useful when you need to split some firewood to cook your soup.
  • Soup Stone: for those tourists who chose to travel more civilized paths and are concerned about metal detectors. It has even more uses, especially if you'll add some rope -- all without any loss of nutritional value. For example, small version can be used as a weight for net you use to catch fish with which you may supplement soup, while large one may be turned into good anchor for your boat.
  • You may want to try our unique Wonderful Reducing Remedy right now! Amazing results! Works with maximum efficiency if you go on a diet and don't forget your fitness exercises.
  • Learn any language with our New Linguistic Method, based on Subliminal Seduction that really works! It worth its price! All necessary supplementary means are packed with CD, including two dictionaries and extra CD with living speech on the tongue of your choice.
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