• The (after)life of ghosts can be rather depressing. Many ghosts are eaten by spirits, whether to recover energy or simply because they can do it. Even if a ghost manages to not be eaten, they're basically doomed to forget who they are and fade away. The ghosts that manage to skirt this rule have to either be stubborn enough to will themselves to stay or have unfinished business.

Chapter 1- The Activity Club and the New Kid

  • When Max's dad places a picture of his former wife on the table and says "Now the whole family's here", there's an uncomfortable silence before Max's dad changes the subject to ordering pizza.

Chapter 2- Max and the Midnight Visitor

  • PJ, the small ghost child, has some serious self-esteem issues. He can't poltergeist because ghosts that can do that need to have a sense that they could or should be able to interact with the world, which PJ lacks. He also died when he was a child and responds to Max's question of how long he's been around with "Too long". Due to his nature as a ghost, he's doomed to eventually forget who he is and fade away.
  • Max tells PJ that his mom has been dead for five years. He clearly still mourns her and when PJ asks if her death was sudden and grisly, he anxiously confirms it.

Chapter 4- The Activity Club and the Ghost Train

  • Page 53 stars with PJ asking Max if he thinks he's boring, then follows it up by saying that he can tell he's not important and not a hero, because heroes don't die before the story begins.
  • During the fight on the Ghost Train, Eightfold's book gets knocked off of the train, and she has to decide whether to save her tool or Max, who's also about to be attacked. Eightfold then stalls Isabel for time long enough in Spirit Trance to force her hand in saving Max. This ensure that her book will be entombed underground, and Isabel will never see her again.
    • When Eightfold is telling Isabel that this would be the last time they would ever see each other, she attempts to send her off with a cool gesture, but a missed sense of timing leads to her becoming a blubbering mess instead. After tearfully giving out some more advice, Isabel finally is able to get her spirit to stop in order to say something, but can't find anything to say, and the last words she hears from her spirit are that she feels the same way.
  • Ed breaks his promise to stick by Isabel almost immediately after he makes it when her grandfather starts screaming at her for losing "his book".

Chapter 5- The Activity Club and the Insidious Infiltrator

  • Due to Max's accidental word slip the night before, Isaac feels torn up that Max is already included in the club more than he is, and views himself as the outcast.
  • When Max offers condolences on the loss of Eightfold, saying that she seemed like a friend, Isabel gives a sad laugh and asks what that makes her.
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