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  • With the existence of ghosts and spirits and their tendency to have no sense of personal space, the concept of privacy is pretty much non-existent. Unless you're someone who can see them, they could be watching you at any moment and you'd have no way to tell.

Chapter 2 - Max and the Midnight Visitor

Chapter 3 - Max, Isaac and the Secret Shortcut

Chapter 4 - The Activity Club and the Ghost Train

  • As the fight drags on, the evil dog spirits peel their fur back to reveal the musculature system of a face. Further peeling reveals a second face, and their mouths run the entire side of their bodies.
  • While Boss Leader is generally just teasing others, she can have some disturbing moments, such as pulling multiple Nightmare Faces on Max and wanting to use him as a mole to figure out what Spender is hiding.
  • How Isabel ultimately defeats the dog spirits, who constantly revive: She traps them in an infinite loop of reviving inside of each other. When the fused spirits encounter their (escaped) brethren, they say this in Black Speech:
  • Eightfold's sacrifice has left her stuck inside her tool, entombed miles underground for an unknown amount of time. This is slightly mitigated by the fact that she can recover using energy from the environment (albeit slowly) and her quick healing time.
    • Eightfold has been partnered with Isabel for multiple years, and can recover to full restoration in a comparatively short time. In order to keep being used by Isabel, Eightfold casually resorts to destroying herself in order to need to heal in a tool.
  • Spender's liberal use of Lucifer's power leads to the spirit he's holding within himself to attempt an escape. The first thing it does is coat the ground in front of it, including Isabel and Max, in shadowy tendrils. Spender had just showcased that one of the spirit's powers is the ability to turn shadows into gaping holes. If Spender hadn't been able to use the Ghost Train's light in time, the kids might've been turned into chunks.

Chapter 5 - The Activity Club and the Insidious Infiltrator

  • A part of Hijack's plan requires him to infiltrate the Teacher's Lounge. Hijack reasons that the best way to get in would be to break a rule in order to be sent to the he resolves to hurt Johnny, because he saw Johnny bully Jeff for information and wants retribution. During the Hitball game, a Hijacked Jeff throws one ball so hard it leaves an impact crater in the concrete bleachers, which Johnny barely manages to dodge. Johnny gets targeted with two similar balls over the course of the game, with him being spared by someone else blocking the shot both times. The last ball thrown this way breaks Max's arm.
  • Jeff has no recollection of anything that happened while he was possessed by Hijack. One minute he's sitting on the blacktop upset from the bullying, and the next thing he knows he's in gym class and everyone is claiming that he caused a bunch of damage, including breaking the arm of the new kid he admires. Hijack possesses him again after the Hitball game, so Jeff has no memory of walking to the principal's office, either. Thankfully, Jeff takes the gaps in his memory in stride.
  • Hijack has a tendency to power up whoever he's controlling by making vein-like bulges in their muscles. His vessels also sport red eyes, regardless of if the eyes are supposed to be hidden.
  • To show Hijack what he's dealing with, Lucifer shows him the shadow spirit that's possessing Spender. It's a crescent shaped face, with a massive crying hole on the right side, and tendrils. Nothing else is shown. When Hijack reacts in horror, Lucifer tells him that he has no idea what it is, all he and Spender can do is keep it locked up.
    • An earlier discussion between Lucifer and Spender reveals that they have been sitting on the shadow spirit for years without any luck in finding out what it is.
  • During the fight between a Hijacked Spender and the Activity Club (and Dimitri), Spender attempts to hit Dimitri in the face. Dimitri's face warps away from the strike, practically splitting his head down the middle. This freaks both Max and Spender out.
    • Dimitri's reaction to this implies that the warping was not a conscious decision, nor a desirable one.
  • King C. has such a grudge against Mr. Spender that he amplifies Isaac's small, incapacitating shock into a massive blast that would have obliterated Spender if Lucifer hadn't intervened. Isaac, through no fault of his own, could have killed his teacher and King C. has no regard for any consequences that would befall him because of this. Due to being a medium, Isaac has to live with the fact that King C. could try this again with his body at any time.
  • The interactions between Hijack (revealed to be a three year old, naive spirit) and Dave Jones quickly swerve into uncomfortable territory. Dave acts amicable to start, commenting on Hijack's gaming hobby and telling him that "his friends call him Davey", but soon starts asking Hijack if he's got any friends in the school, and if he's alone. When Hijack tries to leave, Dave pulls out a sharp hook and manipulates the comic panels to prevent Hijack from gaining any ground, and yanks them back to have Hijack in his arms. Hijack then tries to possess Dave, but fails, because Dave turns out to not be alive. Throughout this, Dave is constantly switching from acting affable to threatening Hijack with death.
    • Dave's son interrupts Dave's threats in order to handle the situation himself, going so far as to revoke Dave's permission to be in the school in order to be alone with Hijack. Dave responds by invoking a similar "vampire rule" to compel the kid to slice Hijack in half, a command the child admits he can't disobey since his father was the one who sired him. Dave is perfectly willing to physically force his child into obeying his orders against his will, and the poor kid has no way to contest this.

Chapter 6 - Stephen and the Suspension of Disbelief

  • Ritz Price-Lee's introduction showcases a chilling lack of empathy. Her first showcased moment has her kicking a dog into a concrete pillar, which she justifies by claiming that the dog is poor. She also has no issue with letting a 12 year old get ambushed by high schoolers.
  • Stephen returns a lost dog to someone claiming to be its owner...only to find out that not only is this a giant lie, but that she has been taping over other people's phone numbers to claim their lost dogs as her own, to make them run on treadmills to power a bitcoin mining scheme.
  • Davy is the corrupt leader of the police force, the rest of the force (possibly sans Stephen's mother) is just as bad and fawning over his vampirism, and he's attempting to somehow gain as much land as possible..
  • The Delinquents are revealed to be vampires, and only one of them has any issues with using the new recruit as a food source.
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