Chapter 1 - The Activity Club and the New Kid

  • Mr. Puckett puts up a picture of Max's mom, saying, "Now the whole family's here." When the comic was originally posted on SmackJeeves and ComicFury, each page had its own unique title; the previous page, with the Puckett's exploring the Corner Store and house above it, was titled "House", and this page was titled "Home".

Chapter 2 - Max and the Midnight Visitor

Chapter 3 - Max, Isaac and the Secret Shortcut

  • Isaac is lectured by his mentor and friend, the Doorman, for breaking his promise and revealing the spirit to someone else. Isaac clearly takes this to heart and expects a punishment, but is surprised when Doorman forgives him and says that Isaac's guilt is due to wanting to do the right thing. Isaac responds by giving Doorman a Justice Hug.

Chapter 4 - The Activity Club and the Ghost Train

  • When Isabel gets into an argument with her grandfather, she storms off to Ed's room to vent and cool off. Ed in return lends her an ear and offers advice, as well as inviting her to play his fighting video game with him.
  • Among the silliness of Ed and Isabel trying to teach Max the spec-shot technique, a few images Max thinks of while concentrating on his finger are tender moments such as a baby Zoey grabbing his finger.
  • As Max is preparing for the Ghost Train mission, PJ sadly wonders if Max thinks he's boring since he died before he could become a hero. Max cheers up the ghost by telling him that his combination of flight, intangibility and (mostly) invisibility to people made him three superheroes at once, and that he might be able to wield a "special weapon" of his own. Max then vows to PJ that he'll ask Spender about ghosts using tools.
  • As Max is leaving to enter Spender's car, Mr. Puckett tells his son that he'd love him even if he was "a weird psychic" (without having any knowledge of spectral happenings). Although Max initially protests, he appreciates the comment.
  • Johnny can be incredibly madcap, but he knows how to help his pals through a rough situation. When his friends panic from seeing the Activity Club seemingly floating in the air, Johnny wipes RJ's tears, promises his friends that they'll get to the bottom of the issue, and suggests they put the incident on the backburner for now in favor of going through six bags of popcorn and watching all of Stephen's R rated movies.
  • The Ghost Train incident has left Isabel in a bind; with Eightfold sacrificing herself in order to force her to save Max, Isabel is without her tool and isn't too eager to deal with her grandfather's wrath. Spender is too focused on his own issues to recognize the situation, but Ed takes Isabel's hand and smiles. The two kids enter the dojo together.
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