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  • Harry Mason from Silent Hill. Generally, he's a Non-Action Guy (he has to be shown how to use a gun by Action Girl cop Cybil) but when his little girl, short, with black hair, just turned seven last month is in danger, he'll go To Hell and Back, blunder through a Town with a Dark Secret, and kill a Cosmic Horror Eldritch Abomination to save her. He was replaced with a woman, Rose, in the Live Action Adaptation; cries of sexism ensued.[1]
    • Silent Hill 3 further reveals that Harry killed a cultist that came after his beloved daughter.
    • Murphy Pendleton of Silent Hill: Downpour is a deconstruction. His son was murdered, and seeking revenge has only made things worse. He's in prison, his wife has left him due to very understandable reasons, and the deal he made with Sewell has him having to kill Coleridge. Even if Murphy doesn't kill him, Coleridge's death will still haunt him.
  • In the Soul Series, the best way to bring Nathaniel "Rock" Adams into action is to kidnap or threaten his adoptive son Bangoo.
  • One of the most touching examples is Barret Wallace of Final Fantasy VII, towards his adoptive daughter Marlene. Four years before FFVII began, Corel Village had a Mako Reactor installed to the north despite the protests of the local leader, Dyne. A few days later, the reactor had an accident (and was cleaned up enough so that it seemed normal by the time the game rolls around), but it was reason enough for Scarlet to burn the village to the ground. Out of the survivors are Dyne, his good friend Barrett Wallace, and Dyne's daughter Marlene, who was adopted by the latter. With Dyne presumed KIA, Barrett adopted the infant Marlene and raised her as if she was his own daughter. Had Dyne not crossed the Despair Event Horizon and spent those years either in a psychotic state or festering in Corel Prison, he would be the one exhibiting Papa Wolf tendencies instead. In his last words, Dyne asks Barrett to keep taking care of Marlene before he he either jumps to his death or lets himself die.
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Laguna spends much of his life doing anything he can to find Ellone.
  • Ichiro Tamura a.k.a Salaryman in Osu Tatakae Ouendan. Usually comes off as an ordinary office man who is reviled even by his own family, but... the moment he sees his daughter getting threatened by a giant blue rat, he goes "HENSHIN!", turns gigantic and starts kicking the rat's ass.
  • In the Soul Nomad and The World Eaters backstory: Losing his son to Scarlet Iago made Median very pliable to manipulation by Drazil and ended with him slaying Vigiliance, the master of death of his world, to get revenge for his son.
  • Christopher Belmont of Castlevania Adventure & Belmont's Revenge. Just when he thought he could retire from Vampire Hunting business and leave it to his son Soleiyu... said son suddenly gets possessed by Dracula. "Screw retirement, I want my son back, you son of a bitch."
    • Although it's widely believed that Belmont's Revenge is what happens when Konami learns their mistake from their extreme Nintendo Hard-ness of Adventure, it kinda shows off that when his son is in danger, Christopher DOES NOT lose his whip's power at one measly hit (a problem plaguing Adventure), except by one type of enemy. Papa Wolf to the max indeed.
  • This is the default mentality of the Big Daddies in Bioshock for the Little Sisters. They will ignore you if you don't attack them or the Sisters (at the most, they'll shove you away if you get too close), but anybody who does so much as to slap them will face a very pissed off Big Daddy dashing straight at you with his drill (or shooting at you with his rivet gun), and he will not stop until one of you is dead. The sequel will allow the player to be this, since the playable character is the Super Prototype of the Big Daddies.
    • In fact, this is the plot of the sequel. Subject Delta storms the entire Rapture trying to find the Little Sister he was first imprinted on, who is Eleanor Lamb, the daughter of Big Bad Sofia Lamb. Inverted in the endgame where, upon donning the Big Sister suit, Eleanor tells you that now's her time to fight for you and gives you a plamid to call her by your side.
    • When you chose to save your adopted Little Sisters, they become very fond of you. When harvesting ADAM they usually don't require much protection, leaving you free to chase after fleeing Splicers to impale them with your drill or give them a blast of the shotgun to the face. But even over the sound of the heaviest fighting, you can easily hear the panicked scream when a Little Sister is in danger. And may God have mercy on whatever Splicer is currently grabbing her arm.
    • In the ARG for the sequel, protagonist Mark Meltzer lets his life fall apart in favor of tracking down a Big Sister who took his daughter Cindy to Rapture. He succeeds in finding Rapture, but is captured by a Big Sister and taken to Lamb, who offers a Sadistic Choice - be executed for trespassing, or become a Big Daddy bonded to Cindy.

 Lamb: Ask yourself, Mr. Meltzer... is it better to be summarily executed as an outsider caught within these grounds, or to be united not just with your daughter Cindy, but with the Rapture Family as well? The choice is yours... I urge you to accept the Protector program. You will live by her side, and remember nothing beyond your love for her.

Meltzer: ...I wasn't the first to find Rapture, you crazy bitch. And I won't be the last. You do ... whatever you want to me... as long as I'm with Cindy... I'm ... I'm a happy man.

  • The main character in Dragon Quest V. Okay, so he's not The Chosen One, his son is. Traditionally this means Dad will have to heroically die and the son will grow up tragically an orphan, to be strong enough to beat the Big Bad as an adult. It came close to this, but hell no! The main character and his family band together, and while the Legendary Hero is still only 8 years old, his Dad helps him beat the crap out of the forces of darkness and goes To Hell and Back to beat the King of Evil before it does anything like come to their world.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Hector of Ostia is portrayed as a potential Papa Wolf in his B support with Eliwood in Blazing Blade, where he tells his best friend about a prophetic dream involving his still unborn daughter and, as he mentions a redheaded boy who takes her away in the dream, he isn't very pleased to have his "little girl" courted by the other kid. Too bad Hector didn't get to be a proper Papa Wolf for Lilina, since he's killed off early in Binding Blade. His Famous Last Words are pretty much a plea for Roy, Eliwood's son and the "redheaded boy" from the dream, to protect her..
      • However, he does play it straighter in his own route, where woe betide whoever dares harm his friends and crewmates. In fact, when Nino brings Jaffar along after their Heel Face Turn, Hector openly warns him that he has not forgiven him for killing his spy and friend Leila (also Matthew's girlfriend), and that should the guy ever step out of line, he will kill him with his own hands.
      • Fire Emblem: Heroes finally lets Hector play this straight. One of his alters is a Halloween-themed one that features his older self plys a little Lilina, and not only he carries her around as he fights, but at least one line has him threatening anyone who might pull a trick on his darling little girl.
    • Pretty much the only real reason why Dorcas joined Lyn's group and later Eliwood's is to get enough money for the medical treatment that his Ill Girl wife Nathalie needs.
    • Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 has the Axe Knight Hicks, who refuses to join Leif's army if they don't rescue the children that have been kidnapped for the child hunts, including his son Maphy. If they do, however, he will join the group without hesitation.
      • Also, the backstory has Fin as both the Team Dad and as one of these for Leif and Nanna, who is all but stated to be his biological child with Lachesis. Two of the CG's at the end of the game have him protecting toddler!Leif and running away with him after the murders of Leif's parents, Fin's master/mentor Quan and his wife Ethlyn, and the fall of their homeland of Lester.
    • Both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates include dealing with the children of the playable characters. So any man who sires a kid in the game will become this to his kiddos. Of special note is Keaton from Fates, who happens to be the closest to a werewolf in the game and a more or less literal example.
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Player Character Byleth's father, Jeralt Eisner, plays this completely straight. In fact, after his wife's Death by Childbirth / Heroic Sacrifice, Jeralt immediately noticed that something had happened to his infant child, and that his boss Rhea had something to do with it. His response was to stage a fire, fake baby!Byleth's death and run the FUCK away of the Church under the guise of founding his own mercenary company.
    • Fire Emblem: Heroes has King Gustav, Alphonse and Sharena's father, who uses the fact that he's Secretly Dying to pull this straight: when Alphonse is struck by a Curse from Queen Hel that will kill him in few days, Gustav manages to come up with some Loophole Abuses that conclude in him dying instead of his heir and son.
  • Do not threaten the eggs of an Angry Bird if you want to remain standing. This advice applies to pigs, their armies, their fortresses and their space fleets.
  • Flint in Mother 3 is a deconstruction of this trope. He starts out as a loving husband and father to his wife Hinawa and his twin sons Lucas and Claus. Then Hinawa is killed and Claus goes off to avenge her and disappears; torn apart by the death of his wife and disappearance of his son Flint spends most of the time out searching for Claus neglecting his only surviving child Lucas.
  • At the end of the first God of War, Ares casts Kratos deep into his own mind to revisit the memory of his wife and daughter dying at his own hands. In perhaps his only moment of actual heroism motivated by a desire to protect his family, Kratos staves off the doppelgangers of himself trying to attack his family.
    • Considering he has to hug his family to transfer his own health to them to stop them from dying, and he is fighting dopplegangers with his full strength and, in a few cases, magic, it's a pretty damn good moment of heroism.
    • In the third game, he develops this sense towards Pandora due to the fact that she reminds him of Calliope. Hephaestus as well, who tries (and fails) to kill Kratos to protect Pandora, who Kratos later states was doing what any father should: protecting his child.
    • In the 2018 game, Kratos' late Second Love Faye bore him a child, the Badass Adorable Atreus. No one should ever threaten Atreus, because Kratos will never ever let anyone take his surviving kid away.
  • With Phoenix Wright and Maya it's a tossup between a father-daughter and brother-sister relationship. Either way, if you try to arrest Maya he'll defend her with every last Objection! he has. If you kidnap her he'll stall the trial and call in a favor with the prosecution to keep it going until she's safe.. And if she's in actual physical danger he'll charge across a burning bridge over a hundred foot drop into an icy river to save her.
    • And in Investigations there's Kay and her 'Uncle Badd'. If Lang hadn't gotten in the way we probably wouldn't have to worry about giving Shih-na a trial.
    • In later games, Phoenix has adopted the teen Stage Magician Trucy Wright and become a Team Dad for her and two young lawyers, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. No one should harm these three, either: at some point in Dueal Destinies, the guy must all but singlehandedly stage a second trial when the desperate and very dangerous Broken Bird Aura kidnaps Trucy and many other people in an attempt to save her younger brother Simon, the prosecutor of the game, who's gonna be executed for a crime that he never committed.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog. Just try and devastate the world he promised to protect. You're going to end up a black mark on the floor. Even if you're a Physical God, demigod, or what have you.
    • For that matter, depending on what medium you're looking at, threatening any harm to Tails, the closest thing to a little brother Sonic the Hedgehog has, will show you even something as silly looking as a blue hedgehog will make you cry.
    • It also wasn't a good move for those soldiers to shoot Maria either. It sent Shadow on a total "annihilate all humans" kick. At least until he remembered Maria's last words, to protect humanity, thanks to Amy Rose.
    • Chaos from Sonic Adventure. You dare hurt any Chao he protects and he will show you why he is called the God of Destruction.
  • Link in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Even before he was turned into a literal wolf, he was incredibly defensive of Ilia and the kids of Ordon. The Bulbins should be thanking their lucky stars that he wasn't armed at the spring. (He got his revenge anyway when he massacred their entire camp at Arbiter's Grounds about halfway through the game, though.) He also is shown, especially toward the end, to be incredibly protective of Princess Zelda and Midna.
    • Rusl, from the same game, is like this too. About his own son Colin; about the other children in the village (their abduction gets him into the war as well as Link); and about Link himself, who Word of God states he regards as his younger brother.
    • Just try and harm Zelda in Skyward Sword
  • Averted in The Godfather. Optional sidequests allow you to contract kill the sons of the enemy Dons, but this doesn't make the eventual encounter with them any tougher.
  • Purposely invoked in Heavy Rain, where The Origami Killer/Scott Shelby's purpose was to find a father who will do anything to save his son.
    • Play properly and he does. You can do it, Ethan Mars!
  • Breath of Fire III has Rei, the oldest in a trio of orphans that Ryu was a part of. When the group was devastated by Balio and Sunder, Rei... didn't take it very well, thinking that his adoptive family was killed, and that he failed to protect them. Around many years later, he's still in his Unstoppable Rage, targeting the criminal organization that Balio and Sunder were a part of. He only calmed down somewhat when he finds out that Ryu was still alive (in fact, it was Ryu who took care of Balio and Sunder for good). But that doesn't mean it was over; for Rei, anyway.

 I can't stop! Not until I teach those guys not to mess with me...or my family!

  • Kazuma Kiryuu may be a Yakuza, but he's usually a pretty nice and helpful guy. But if you mess with his adoptive daughter Haruka or the orphans he's taking care of... oh boy, you're in for a world of pain. In fact, he's kinda protective of every kid he meets.
  • The protagonist of Nie R Gestalt is a man determined to go to any lengths to find a cure for the painful disease afflicting his daughter Yonah. He also displays similar tendencies towards the group he makes his True Companions.

 Nier:You want me to understand your sadness? You think I'm gonna sympathize with you? I swore to protect my daughter and my friends. If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down! Come on, let's go!

  • In Nitro Family, mom and dad go on a killing spree to return their little child.
  • Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. When he learns that his daughter, Sara, isn't actually dead and was removed from him to send him undercover into a terrorist organization, he goes batshit insane. He no longer chokes people unconscious, preferring to leave a trail of bodies behind him, and the black humor and psychological mindgames he used to use in his interrogations is now gone; he prefers the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique.
  • Chuck Greene of Dead Rising 2 spends the game attempting to raise money for/find Zombrex (Zombie infection suppressant) for his infectee daughter Katey. This means that he'll have to carve his way through a seaload of Zombies to do so. Not only that, but psychopaths with chainsaws? Morotcycles? Guns? Flamethrowers? Dad will not be stopped.
    • And let's not forget what happens to the whacked out asshole mechanic of Case Zero who decides that because Katey's infected she's fair game for zombie hunting.
    • When Chuck learns that Sullivan is the key behind the outbreak, Sullivan gets a nice fatality at the end of the battle as a reward for his actions.
  • Professor Layton is an Actual Pacifist, a Gentleman and a Scholar, and an all-around nice person who would rather settle problems over a cup of Earl Grey and a Stock Puzzle. But as Unwound Future clearly shows us, villains who are stupid enough to kidnap his adopted daughter will find themselves pursued by a relentless Determinator who has no problem violating the laws of physics if that's what it takes to get her back.
  • Final Fight: Mike Haggar, who piledrove all the goons of the city he was the major of after they kidnapped his daughter Jessica to blackmail him.
  • Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, as befitting his Team Dad nature, will do anything to protect his son/younger brother figure, Ventus, and will not hesitate to attack any who threaten to harm or kill Ven. Even their master, Eraqus.
  • Whether as a display of political power or a general Jerkass move, do not declare any intent of executing Eoleo. Briggs may back off if things get sour, but he will come at you, again and again, to get his boy back. So tenacious, does he become, that you'd have to kill him to stay his wrath. Sadly, he went out fighting after all.
  • In the last part of Psychonauts, Raz's father Augustus enters the combined minds of Raz and the Big Bad and helps him defeat the final boss, despite Raz's earlier belief that Augustus hated him.
  • The protagonist of Action Doom 2 Urban Brawl is willing to beat up a whole town full of gangsters, potentially take on a hulking Serial Killer psycho with his bare hands, and attack a guard-filled company headquarters all by himself, all to save his daughter. This actually backfires in you in one of the possible endings: your brutality throughout the game ends up making you so blood-covered and creepy that, when you finally find her, your own daughter is afraid of you and shoots you to defend the Corrupt Corporate Executive that kidnapped her.
  • Cyrus of Dawn of War II is one of the few who refused the power armor of a full space marine to remain a scout and train the initiates. Targeting them is a surefire way to send him on a bloody warpath.
  • Asura's Wrath was cast down by his fellow gods and sealed away for some 12,000 years. Now that's enough to piss him off, but when he finds out they're using his daughter to amplify their power, it's time to kick some heavenly, planetary-sized ass.
    • And when we mean he goes to kick heavenly ass, we're not talking in hyperbole here. The final battle of the DLC involves fighting God himself. Because that motherfucker made his daughter cry.
  • The Orion Conspiracy presents Devlin McCormack. His son Danny died at the beginning of the game, and Devlin attends the funeral expressing his regret for not being a good father for Devlin. Shortly afterwards, he receives a note revealing that Danny's death is not an accident, but a murder. At that moment, Devlin turns into this trope, vowing to find out who killed Danny and kill the murderer.
  • Eli Vance from Half-Life 2. He manages to overcome a Combine Advisor's telekinesis to bash its face in with a pipe to try to save his daughter.
  • In Chaos Rings Omega, Dante is fiercely protective of his daughter Vahti, his newborn grandson Ohm, and his son-in-law Vieg (he's effectively a Parental Substitute to him since Vieg never knew his own parents). He wades through lava to save Vahti and Ohm at one point. As he slowly sinks into the lava he passes the Papa Wolf reins onto Vieg.
  • The male Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series, is potentially this depending on how he's played. If played straight, threatening his crew is about the biggest mistake you could make.
    • Urdnot Wrex, if he survives the first game, eventually becomes this for his entire species.
    • Liara's father turns out to be one in the third game. Aside from threatening Shepard that he wouldn't get a lightyear of her daughter (yes, that's the correct pronoun), the following exchange can be overheard between her and Liara.

 Aethyta: Hey... khm, I've called a few friends... commandoes. Eclipse girls who, um, owe me some favors. They're all yours. Just... tell 'em where to go.

Liara: You're giving me... asari commandoes...?

Aethyta: Well, you're too old for me to buy you a damn pony!

Liara: ...you're the best father a girl could wish for.

  • The nameless father in the Dead Island trailer sees his daughter being chased down the hallway by a group of zombies. He charges out of the room, grabs a nearby fire axe, and with a bellow of rage starts hacking the nearest ones up before tenderly bringing his bitten daughter into the room. Then he fights like a maniac to defend it. Shame they don't make it...
  • Persona 4 has been known to elicit this response in the player regarding the Main Character's little cousin, Nanako. In a really cruel subversion, this will easily get the players the BAD Ending.
  • Prototype2 starts off with a pretty bleak setting: The wife and daughter of Ex-Marine James Heller has been killed by the Mercer virus. The prologue shows just how much Heller is willing to go through to, just to get a stab at the source behind it. Give him god-like powers, and there is no end to his destructive rampage.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Sagat is pissed off when a young boy from a Thai village tells him that his little sister, a girl that Sagat once rescued, has disappeared again. Then, Dhalsim appears in front of him and tells him that a boy from his village have also vanished. The two fighters go into full Papa Wolf mode, so they decide to team up to both rescue the abducted children and go to the Antartica, where the Pandora box is located.

 Sagat: "The disregard for the innocent has incurred the wrath of the King! That will NOT be forgiven!"

  • Ryu has a big Papa Wolf moment towards Sakura Kasugano in his Street Fighter Alpha 3 path, where Sakura pulling a Go Through Me to protect him from Bison and being severely injured as a result is one of the triggers that let him shake off Bison's Psycho Power-based Brainwashing. When this happens, an absolutely pissed off Ryu goes to Bison and totally one-shots him.
  1. Including elsewhere on this wiki.
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