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Pandora is a panfandom Play By Post Game on jcink. In a time long before there were people to remember it, there existed a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses who created and watched over all the worlds that made up the universes. They were led and ruled by Pandora and though they once loved their creations, these Gods were hopelessly fickle beings. Time continued to pass and they only grew dissatisfied with the mortals they watched over. They were imperfect beings and every time they came to this realization, the Gods turned their attention elsewhere to try and create mortals that were nothing but perfection. Always their attempts failed and always they turned their back and moved on once again. For many a millennium they roamed vast lands of all times and places, creating the new and occasionally looking back on the old. But the Deities were growing bored and frustrated until the day came when Pandora put her foot down. The answer, it seemed, was not to be found in the new, but to be observed in the old.

And so she created what became known as Pandora's Box to the rest of the Gods. Out of the many worlds and times and dimensions, Pandora plucked those the Deities found most interesting or amusing and into the box they were tossed. Except the box was a small world all of its own. Within the box there lay a town, isolated from the rest of the universe. The town, however, has no roads in or out. Those who travel to the far reaches will find themselves hitting nothing but the great and indestructible walls that make up the box.

It has been one year since the first arrival. Pandora's citizens know the routine and they know the routine well. For reasons remaining hidden, humans, creatures, and the indescribable are torn violently from their worlds and dropped into the distant unknown. With alliances and rivalries forming, these citizens have begun to take what was once nothing more than a deserted ghost town into their own hands.

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