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  • The green ghost in Pac-Man Vs. I mean, you have a four player game, where each player is assigned to a ghost and periodically play as Pac-Man. Red AKA Blinky, blue AKA Inky, and pink AKA Pinky are there, but Nintendo uses green for a ghost instead of the canonical orange ghost AKA Clyde! No love for Clyde! =(
    • Maybe Clyde got his color changed...
    • Maybe he's Funky from Pac-Mania?...
  • In Pac-Man World 2 and 3 (not sure about the first), Blinky and Clyde's names are swapped around. In the original game, Blinky is red and Clyde is orange; now, Clyde is red and Blinky is orange. The personalities also keep with color; the red ghost is the leader and the orange ghost is the coward. I'm not really looking for a justification; it's just a strange and seemingly unnecessary change.
    • It's probably just an error. I don't know how they could have possibly forgotten the correct names for their most famous characters, or how they could have done this twice, but that's the most likely explanation.
    • What especially bothers this particularly anal retentive troper is that if they hadn't switched the names in Pac-Man World 2, they would have been fought in the order Clyde, Inky, Pinky, Blinky -- the reverse of the original order! As is, it's no order in particular.
    • The Red Power Ranger is the leader, so why not the Red Ghost? ... still, it bugs me as well.
      • See above problem, but not the answer. In other words, the Red Ghost IS the leader!
    • This also happened in Pac-Man Arrangement -- again, the red ghost was still the aggressive one, and the orange ghost was still the dopey one, but their names had switched. The only justifications I can think of are either that they thought the Odd Name Out was more suited to the leader, or they wanted Added Alliterative Appeal for "Clyde in the Caldera". (By the way, the first Pac-Man World didn't have the original four ghosts, just a bunch of generic ones.)
  • Anyone else noticed that the non-nicknames (Shadow, Speedy, Bashful, and Pokey) in the original game aren't very appropriate? Pinky is called "Speedy", but Blinky is the one who's faster than the others (when he goes "Cruise Elroy"), and Inky is called "Bashful", when Clyde is the one who backs off when Pac-Man is near! (That said, Blinky does shadow you, and Clyde is awfully pokey getting out of the Ghost House.)
  • Why doesn't Pac-Man eat the eyes of the ghosts? If he did that it would keep them from regenerating.
    • There are things that are inedible? He can't just eat through the walls either.
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