P. D. Q. Bach is a fairly obscure member of the Bach family (being the 21st of Johann Sebastian Bach's 20 children) who lived from 1807-1742(?). As with much of his family, he began a career as a musician; unlike much of his family, he was both Giftedly Bad and extremely prolific. After his death he was promptly forgotten by history; what we do know of him is primarily the work of one professor Peter Schickele of the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople. Schickele has spent much of his career not only researching the life of this obscure historical figure, but also discovering his works and performing them for modern audiences.

...Okay, fine, you got us: the man never existed. Schickele made him up as a disguise for his own compositions, which are parodies of typical classical conventions and compositions. The results, though of subjective merit on purely musical terms, are unconventional, eclectic and quite popular on the comedy circuit, performed anywhere from high school campuses to the Boston Pops, long-time seat of famed composer John Williams.

PDQ's work provides examples of

 Ten o'clock on Christmas morn and all the guests are coming to the door,

Ten o'clock on Christmas morn and Uncle John is already on the floor.

Though the weather's bitter cold there's not a frown to mar the festive mood,

Wait till they discover that old Uncle John has eaten all the food!

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