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"Ow! My most of me!"
What's-Her-Face, Teen Girl Squad

Common Stock Phrases when someone suffers Amusing Injuries. Sometimes invokes Inherently Funny Words for added funny, a common one being "spleen". There's also something amusingly askew about people's surprising level of biological accuracy when they're in pain.

See also Not in the Face and Crack! Oh, My Back!

Examples of Ow, My Body Part include:

Anime & Manga

 "However, that doesn't mean I'll fall victim to their-- ow in the head."

Comic Books

  • Inverted in The Tick, as the Chainsaw Vigilante tries to cut The Tick to convince him to give up superheroing, but discovers exactly which individual body parts are Nigh Invulnerable, including an "Underarm of Steel!" and "A 'Hey, watch it!!!' of Steel!"
  • Becomes a Running Gag in the last arc of Cerebus.

Comic Strips

  • Tim Rickard's comic sci-fi Brewster Rockit Space Guy features junior member Winky, constantly put to some horribly dangerous duty, and constantly crying (off-panel) "Ahhhh! My SPLEEN!"
  • A strip from Liberty Meadows had to be rejected because the pig character attempted a Cheek Copy and wound up breaking the machine beneath him, with a groan of "my nads!..."

Fan Works

 Joey: Ow, my face!

Tristan: Ow, my sperm!

 "Ow, my leg!"

"My spleen!"

Films -- Animation

  • Megamind: "OW! My giant blue head!"
  • Rango: "I think the metaphor just broke my spleen."
  • SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie: When King Neptune's ultra-shiny bald head is exposed...

 One of the people: MY EEEEEEEEEEEEYES!!

 Kaa: Oh, my sacroiliac...

Films -- Live-Action

  "Ow! Right in the Snoz!"

Live-Action TV

 Crow: OW MY MASK!

    • And from Prince of Space we get this winner, as a group of (ahem) older scientists are fleeing the villain and leaping over an obstacle:

 "My arthritis!"

"Oh my spastic colon!"

"Oh my gout!"

"Oh my bad knee!"

"Oh my baldness!"

 Fourth Doctor: Oh, my arms! Oh, my legs! Oh, my everything!

 Kelso: Ow, my eye!

 Spider Dijon: Ow, my pancreas!

 Zeltrax: My toes!

Video Games

  • In Tales of Symphonia, when the heroes walk into the unnaturally dark Temple of Darkness, Lloyd steps on Zelos's foot, prompting him to say, "Ow! My precious foot!"
  • Some Mooks in No More Heroes cry this out after Travis delivers the deathblow on them.

 "My spleen!"

 BLU Soldier: You call that breaking my spine? You RED team ladies wouldn't know how to break a spine if-- (CRACK) AAAAAAAAAGH! MY SPIIIIIINE!

    • Also in "Meet the Engineer":

 BLU Scout: My! Arrrrm!

  • In Knights of the Old Republic II, when HK-47 tortures an HK-50 unit (both of them ridiculously sadistic/kinky robots), the latter cries in anguish "My photoreceptors, my photoreceptors!" Too bad that scene was cut from the released version.
  • One of Deadpool's lines in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is "Ow! My kidney!"
  • In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Ultimate Deapdool (who has the quirks of his mainstream counterpart) also belts out an "Ow! My uterus!" as Ultimate Spidey brings the hurt.
  • In Black and White, there's a little guy who can throw around for kicks. He shouts out random (and sometimes unlikely) body parts as he bounces around. "Argh, my back. Oh, my arm! Ow, my philtrum!"
  • The Simpsons games:
    • In The Simpsons Hit and Run and its predecessor The Simpsons Road Rage, Bart bouncing around in his vehicle of choice will sometimes groan "My ovaries!", an in-joke from the show. See The Simpsons entry below.
    • In Virtual Springfield, you can find a voodoo doll of Homer under Bart's bed. Poking it with a pin in various places prompts the responses "D'oh, my arm!", "D'oh my leg!" "Ow, my butt!" and "Marge, my face hurts again!"
  • In Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, after Rawk Hawk gets crushed by Bowser, he eventually mumbles "Ow... my aching hair...."
  • Dawn of War also has "Augh, my spleen!"
  • Deadlock uses "Ow, my eye!" and "Oh, my spleen!" when civilians and infantry are taken out.
  • Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People
    • In Homestar Ruiner, Homestar says "Ow, my snot!" after he falls out a window with the other party-goers who have invaded Strong Bad's house. The joke is that your original goal through the episode was to "Beat the snot out of Homestar."
    • In Strong Badia the Free, Strong Bad yells "Ow! My freedom!" as the Poopsmith inflicts some police brutality on him for not paying the King of Town's new e-mail tax.
  • In My Sims Kingdom, the character Buddy is prone to falling over. He's holding a stack of flyers in the opening, and he scatters them everywhere when he falls, accompanying it with "Ow, my face!"
  • In Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), one quest "Dirty Laundry" has money launderers who, when you hit them, say things like "Ow, my arm!" and "Ow, my spleen!"

Web Animation

 "Ow! My skin!"

"Ow! My tan lines!"

"Ow! My the-fact-that-I-was-alive-only-a-second-ago!"

"Ow! My lack of familiarity with Greek mythology!"

 Strong Sad: Ow! Both my face and hands!

  • One of Simmons' running character gags in Red vs. Blue is that he does this whenever he gets injured in some way. At one point he even does it when Sarge gets injured:

 "Ooh, the back of your head!"

Web Comics


EB: did you know nicolas cage was almost going to play superman one time?]][[color:626262:


  • A Running Gag in Dungeon Crawl Inc, in which people bemoan their "clavin" being struck/stabbed/mangled.
  • Various alien characters in Irregular Webcomic will make notice about injuries to the "splanch".
  • Characters knocked down or beaten up in The Devil's Panties usually groan "Spleeeen..."
  • Lackadaisy: "Aaugh, my medical history!"
  • In VG Cats, Leo gets his legs broken with a 2 by 4 for not having the money to pay back a debt.

 Leo: GAH! My leg-benders!

  • Eight Bit Theater: In the Castle of Ordeals, Red Mage operates a lever controlling a door that repeatedly mutilates Black Mage.


Web Original

  Troy: My everything hurts...

Western Animation

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • When a disaster happens (such as boat crashes or explosions), there's a stock sound clip of "My leg!"
    • Played with in one episode when Patrick says after falling, "I think I broke my abacus", then pulls out an actual abacus.
  • School bully Francis from The Fairly Odd Parents also uses this line in one episode where Timmy turns invisible to avoid a beating, but decides to confront his fears (and pick up his perfect attendance medal). Francis tries to punch Timmy; the medal busts up his hands. Francis tries his other hand. Doesn't work. The same went for his head, after which Francis apparently decides to use his spleen.
  • In Invader Zim, Zim shouts "Ow! My Sqeedlysplooch!" when hit in the gut with a dodgeball.
    • Just beforehand, a human kid gets hit, and crumples, shouting "Ow! My organs!"

  Zim: Inferior human organs!

  • The Simpsons
    • One time at a carnival, Marge didn't want them to ride the Chipper (a rollercoaster which causes kids' teeth to chip) because Homer has a heart condition. The rest of the family poo-poo her, then they ride the ride and we hear from offscreen:

 Homer: "Ow, my heart!"

    • When Bart is faking an illness, he doubles over and moans "my ovaries" and gets an exasperated eyeroll. Somehow, it still works as far as letting him go home.
    • Hans Moleman: "Oh, my brain!"
    • When Homer is blackmailed into becoming Mr. Burns' Prank Monkey, he throws a pudding at Lenny.

 Lenny: Ow, my eye! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!

    • When the family travels to Florida to help Homer relax after going crazy due to fear of dying soon, Homer says, "My pockets hurt."
    • "Shut up liver!" (punches liver) "Ow, my liver..."
    • Homer when trying to get a health insurance form from a shredder: "Ow, my hemophilia!"
  • Futurama
    • In an episode, there's a gag where Bender casts a fishing line and Fry cries "Ow, my small intestine!" from off camera (also counts as one of the show's many Genius Bonus moments).
    • "You can crush my body, but you can never crush my spirit." Stomp! "Ow, my spirit!"
    • After being packed in a cardboard box, Fry is repeatedly flipped over on the way out of a courtroom.

 Fry: Ow, my head! Ow, my feet! Ow, my head! Ow, my feet!

The Professor: Keep your chin up.

Fry: Ow, my chin!

    • When Bender zaps Fry in the groin with the F-ray: "Ow, my sperm!" Upon trying it again, Fry simply responds, "Huh... didn't hurt that time".
  • A Running Gag on Class of 3000 involves a character tossing something off-camera. A few seconds later, a crash is heard, followed by a kid crying out, "Ow! My eye!" Later in the same episode, the same (or another) character will toss something else off-camera to similar crashing and the kid crying out, "Ow! My other eye!" We see him for a few seconds twice in 'The Devil and Lil'D'. Once when Lil'D is drumming on... everything (including, evidently, the poor kid's eye), and again when Principal Luna hits him in the face with a shirt.
  • In Beavis and Butthead, when trying to build a case against someone, Beavis fakes an injury.

 Beavis: (holding his chest) Ow, my liver! My liver!

Butt-head: Lower, dude.

Beavis: Oh yeah. Sorry. (holding his crotch) Ow, my liver! My liver!

  • Mucha Lucha
    • Flea will refer to his injuries of any variety as "Ow, The Flea's spleen!" (or insert appropriate body part). This came back to seriously hurt him on one occasion when he ended up nearly having his spleen removed by a Mad Scientist.
      • Played with in one episode when Flea would declare that he 'couldn't feel something' before realizing it was right next to him, which eventually led to the line "The Flea cannot feel the Flea's brain! Oh, there it is, right next to the Flea."
    • The class president election episode made a Running Gag of Penny Plutonium getting her feet squashed by a falling weighted curtain.

 "Ow, my foot!"

"Ow, my other foot!"

"Ow, both my feet!"

  • Usually when Cat of Cat Dog got hurt he'd yell, "Ow, my body!"
  • In an episode of Johnny Test, Johnny throws a paper airplane offscreen and someone yells "Ow, my eye!". He promptly throws another airplane offscreen and we hear "Ow, my other eye!" in response.
  • Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy
    • Parodied even more than normal when Ed was faking being hurt after he crashed his plane (when he never had one to fly). Kevin doesn't buy it for an instant.

 Ed: Ow, my liver. Ow, my lasagna.

Edd: Ed, lasagna isn't a major organ.

Ed: It isn't?

    • And then later:

 Ed: Ow, my fingernails. Ow, my skin. Ow-- hi, Kevin.

 GBF: Ow! My chin!

  • In Dan Vs. Canada, after they were kicked out of a French-Canadian bar:

 Chris: You landed on my liver.

Dan: It's always about you! What about my liver?

  • Wakfu: Evangelyne falling down the stairs because of her high heels, in season 1 episode 4.

 Evangelyne: Aaah! My head! AaahaaA! Aaah! My back!

  • In the first episode of South Park, as Cartman farts fire due to an alien anal probe inserted into him: "OWWWW MAH ASSSS!"
  • One episode of Family Guy had Peter buy a "compensating for a tiny penis" car and show it off for a bunch of hot women. Then the car got rammed by a train and smushed short, to which Peter said flatly "Ow, my pride."
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