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YMMV tropes for the comic strip:

YMMV tropes for the movie:

 RJ: They always got food with them. We eat to live - these guys live to eat! Let me show you what I'm talking about! The human mouth is called a 'piehole', the human being is called a 'couch potato'. (signifies telephone) That is a device to summon food. (signifies doorbell) That is one of the many voices of food. (signifies front door) That is the portal for the passing of food. (signifies many delivery trucks) That is one of the many food transportation vehicles. Humans bring the food, take the food, ship the food, they drive food, they wear the food! (signifies grill) That gets the food hot! (signifies cooler) That keeps the food cold! (signifies turtle pinata) That...I'm not sure what that is. (kids break the turtle piñata and Verne yells) Well, what do you know? FOOD! (signifies table where family prays before dinner) That is the altar where they WORSHIP food! (signifies advert for Seltzer) That's what they eat when they've eaten TOO MUCH food! (signifies treadmill) That gets rid of the guilt so they can eat MORE FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOOOOD! So, you think they have enough? Well, they don't. For humans, enough is never enough! And what do they do with the stuff they don't eat? They put it in gleaming silver cans, just for us! (knocks over a trash can) Dig in!

    • Loses a little of its sting from the fact that the movie was merchandised out the wazoo when it first came out, with its name and characters slapped on just about every product imaginable (including, yes, food).
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