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This Tomboy's boyisness makes her stand out. She'll be found spending time outside where she can climb trees and play in the dirt, with the possibility of the natural consequences, as opposed to Beauty Is Never Tarnished, because she's one of those girls who'd look cute all scuffed up.

She loves to go exploring, especially when it comes to heights, and often has imagination that can take her anywhere, unless it's not true You Imagined It. There's a good chance that she can get a less adventurous boy to join her, or maybe a feminine girl. She's a natural kind of person, but in a dirtier way than a Granola Girl. If her rural activities take her a little further from home, she's one of the Free-Range Children.

Might likely overlap with Shorttank or Academic Athlete. She might be a Tomboy Princess. Related to One of the Boys who is a girl who prefers to socialize with male characters. Compare Passionate Sports Girl. Contrast Gamer Chick, a Tomboy who stays inside, playing video games.

Examples of Outdoorsy Gal include:
  • Julie from Flipped loves climbing her favorite tree, will raise chickens and will tame her yard.
  • Katherine "Katy" McLaughlin from Flicka loves horseback riding over the mountains of Wyoming at her family's horse ranch.
  • Annie of The Magic Treehouse is the first one to climb into the treehouse that will take them anywhere and the first one to jump into adventure when they get where they're going.
  • Dora the Explorer embarks on a trip in every episode, where she uses her map to travel anywhere from through the jungle to over a mountain.
  • Alix of Stone Soup has a fondness for playing in the mud, catching creepy crawly things, and going exploring in her backyard baby pool.
  • Samantha "Sam" Kepler from Wishbone once persuades the boys to help her look for "Blackbeard's Horseshoe" inside a condemned barn.
  • Farm girl Laura Ingalls from Little House On the Prairie enjoys catching frogs in the creek.
  • Leslie from Bridge to Terabithia invites Jess to swing over the riverbed to discover the land of Terabithia.
  • The Royal Diaries has a couple. Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess would rather climb trees than dance, and in Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Archduchess Antonia's favorite activity is horse riding astride through the mud.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia has Lucy Pevensie, who discovers Narnia, insists on helping save Mr Tumnus, is a faithful believer in Narnia, and is an enthusiastic archer.
  • Makoto Nanaya from Blaz Blue was this while at the NOL academy. One of the "Teach me Ms. Litchi" shorts has her injured after deciding to climb a tree (then again, she is part squirrel). Also, "seeing the world" was her big reason for signing up for the Intelligence division.
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