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Said of a Fanfic that attempts to emulate the tone, atmosphere and style of its inspiration as closely as possible. The goal of the Original Flavour fic is to seem as though the original production team could have thought it up. Even if it heads off into previously unknown and unexplored territory for that property, the story will emphasize the use of existing characterization, gimmicks and devices rather that introducing totally foreign ones.

If you are writing an original flavour fic, you don't introduce or kill core characters, revise continuity, or do anything that is non-canon beyond the events of your story. Original Flavor is exactly like writing a spec script you could submit to the showrunner, but not necessarily in script form.

Note that some fandoms, especially those with looser story arcs, are easier to write in Original Flavour than others. It's also more popular for works with a distinctive style of writing and/or dialogue, as this is a particularly easy element to imitate.

Original Flavour has been the direct polar opposite of most other Fanfic types at one time or another. Because of the widespread prevalence of labyrinthine Fix Fic, our old friend Mary Sue, and florid Shipping, Original Flavor can be incredibly rare. Fun is also found in a self-imposed challenge to see how far a writer can go out of the lines without technically deviating from "canon", without becoming an overt Elseworld.

For when this treatment is done for individual characters rather than entire stories, see Sailor Earth. For fanfics that take this up a notch, see Script Fic.

Examples of Original Flavour include:

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