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So just exactly what IS the standard for normal? I mean, a kid with Anti-Magic ability and a brutally efficient vampire killing assasin is considered normal. What the hell?

  • "Normal" in this case is probably something like, "for the most part, an average joe, with traces of You Suck, but who has something extraordinary happen to him." or something...
  • Basically, They WERE normal high school students before the weird stuff happen to them. Even so, they STILL live their ordinary high school life. Perhaps they will only show their powers or being not ordinary when something strange happen or when the situations force them to. Take Magical Girl, for example. They don't transform or use magic as long as bad guys don't cause any trouble.
    • I think ordinary like they were...y'know, just like us. Typical kid going through puberty while suffering four years of Jerk Jocks and Rich Bitch girls. Then, something unnatural happens and they end up being the one with the superpowers. However, they still try to hide their identity from the rest of the school (so they don't get picked on more, obviously). That explains why the villains sometimes plan to attack the student at their school to expose their power to the classmates.
  • Pretty much someone who isn't supernatural.
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