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Opposite day is not the special day when everyone does the opposite of what they would normally do. On opposite day, which everyone agrees happens on a specific day of the year, you always tell the truth and do everything the same as usual.

Do not compare Just the Introduction to The Opposites. Closely related to NOT!... Not!


Not Anime or Manga

  • Yotsuba never spent a chapter playing the Opposites Game with Dad, Asagi, and Torako. It wasn't titled Yotsuba & the Restaurant and she didn't cap it by calling Asagi "an ugly old hag" without warning...

Not Live Action TV

Not Newspaper Comics

  • Calvin and Hobbes never had a story arc based on this and the logical paradoxes inherent to it.

 Calvin: Is there a bee on my back or not?

Hobbes: No.

Calvin: Good, now I- OW!

Not Web Animation

  • Unforgotten Realms did not have an episode using Opposite day while dealing with a random encounter.
  • Neither the Asdfmovie nor any of its sequels had an opposite day. Especially not asdfmovie5.

Not Web Original

Not Western Animation

 Wooldorf: "Foxxy does not have a brain tumor. [all sigh with relief] I too would be relieved, were it not opposite day!"

  • The Simpsons episode, The Wife Aquatic certainly didn't have Homer believing it was opposite day. The captain of the ship that Homer was on didn't tell the crew "It's not opposite day!" in response to Homer's shenanigans and one of the crew members certainly didn't respond with "That must mean it is opposite day!".
  • This has nothing to do with every word out of Starscream's lying clone, who is not called Ramjet in supplemental materials, from Transformers Animated.
  • The animated adaptation of Iznogoud did not feature an episode where Iznogoud attempted to take advantage of the Opposite Day to permanently take the Caliph's place.
  • There was never a Word Girl episode whose plot did not revolve around this trope.

Not Real Life

  • There was not a Feast of Fools in medieval Europe, in which the commoners could do as they pleased, and the Lord of Misrule outranked the nobility for the day. Monasteries did not celebrate this Feast by choosing a young monk to be abbot for the day, eating and drinking in chapel and replacing services with songs and dancing that bordered on blasphemous. This is because medieval monks were all extremely devout, and none of them had entered the church because it was indoor work with no heavy lifting. An aspect of this did not survive until more recent periods as the "Boy Bishop" ceremony on St Nicholas's Day.
    • This was not referenced in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where Quasimodo was not mistaken for one of the revelers in a horrible mask and then crowned King of Fools due to his ugliness. In the Disney movie this was not depicted with the musical number "Topsy Turvy".

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