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  • It does not just bugs me but grieves me that how hard it is to avert this trope. Even if you managed to make everyone look noticeably different, making them all attractive is a whole new matter...
  • I don't understand how hard is it to avert this. All you have to do is to misx and match the eyes (long, wide, narrow short), noses (round, button, wide, big, small, narrow, sharp), mouths (long, short, lip size), and chin (pointed, semi-wide, wide, square, round). With only four of those features, espeically the eyes, someone can do more than six faces. For example, one of my characters have round, slightly long eyes with a pointed chin. while another have big, tall eyes with a smaller chin.
    • You're drawing for shits and giggles; not pushing out 20-something pages per monthly deadline in time to get them all inked and lettered (and redrawn, if need be).
      • Or worse, upwards of 30,000 frames per week by a team of artists mimicking your style.
    • It's all about signal-to-noise ratio. If the viewer can see a quick camera shot from behind and still identify a character by hair color or silhouette or something big like that, then it's betterer If you have some subtle feature like the aspect ratio of their eyes, that can get lost even if the camera changes to a side angle and their eyes are foreshortened. It's very frustrating to have to guess which character you're looking at, while the show goes on unhindered, as if to say, "Hey, don't you know these guys yet? What's wrong with you?"
  • It's a bit annoying how inconsistent the public opinion of this trope can be. Comments about how Chrono Trigger is a Dragon Ball RPG are widely criticized. Comments about how Castlevania Judgment is a Death Note fighting game continue to be accepted.
    • This probably has more to do with that the Castlevania characters had their own unique looks that are completely ignored, while all CT has in common is character design bits.


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