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Here's a list of characters from Onimusha series.


The Oni Warriors

Onimusha Warlords

Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi

File:250px-Samanosuke Akechi1 5579.jpg

The main hero of the Onimusha series, he's a samurai and Onimusha, a warrior with the powers of the Oni clan. In the first game he need to rescue Princess Yuki from the clutches of the Genma and stop their evil plot of conquest with the help of the Oni Gauntlet. After Fortinbras' defeat, he disappeared, only to return in 3, where he attacks Nobunaga at Honnoji but a mysterious time travel is involved and he's projected into Paris, 2004 and must fight his way back to the past. After Nobunaga's defeat, he started a journey to seal away the Oni Gauntlet containing the Genma Lord's Soul. He appears as Tenkai Nankobo in Dawn of Dreams


File:Onimushakaede1 7925.jpg

Kaede is a young kunoichi from the Iga Clan. She was sent to kill Samanosuke for an unknown reason, but ends up joining him as a faithful companion and possible love interest. It is later revealed that she was killed by the Genma General Gargant and avenged by Samanosuke.

Yumemaru /Keijiro Maeda

File:100px-OniBuraidenKeijiro1 7046.png

A young orphan adopted by princess Yuki who gets kidnapped when he tries to save her. He's met 12 years later in Blades where he's known as a powerful and kind warrior who fights alongside Kaede and Samanosuke.

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Jubei Sekishusai Yagyu

File:Yagyu1 5629.jpg

The main character of the second game and initially referred to as Jubei Yagyu (Jubei is the name given to the strongest youth in the village), he finds out that his village has been destroyed by the wicked Genma Lord Nobunaga. Armed with his newfound Oni powers and with powerful allies on his side, he start a quest to stop the evil Demon King. He eventually managed to kill Nobunaga, but he can't stop his soul from coming back again later and is eventually forced to go into hiding during Demon Siege. He's mentioned in Dawn of Dreams where its revealed that his true name is Sekishusai.

Oyu of Odani / Oichi Oda

File:Oyu1 9700.jpg

A mysterious swordswoman who sports Western armor and is seen around the Genma hideouts in Gifu Castle whose path crosses with Jubei. She's actually Oichi, Nobunaga's sister, who's attempting to defend Odani castle from her brother's armies of monsters. She's also in love with Jubei, but nothing really happens between them.

Ekei Ankokuji

File:Ekei1 1561.jpg

A fat and jolly warrior monk who enjoys liquor and women and food. He's Magoichi's rival and has a past as warlord. He fights the Genma with his trusty Hozoin Spear.

Magoichi Saiga

File:Saiga1 1106.jpg

The leader of the Saiga Musket Team and a fine marksman, he's a quiet, intelligent warrior who loves to read books.

Kotaro Fuuma

File:Onimushabladewarriors 031104 031104 0091 5547.jpg

The young leader of the Fuuma Clan serving the Hojo, he's a cheerful shinobi who helps Jubei on his journey. He's really curious about the surrounding world and is distrustful of women.

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Jacques Blanc

File:300pxjacquesblanc 21 6824.jpg

An active member of the General Directorate for External Security in Paris and the second main character in 3. When Paris is invaded by the Genma, he fights them, but as Samanosuke arrives, a mysterious "dome" sent him five hundreds years in the past, where he's charged by the Oni Guardians with the task of slaying the Genma and helping Past Samanosuke on his way. Armed with a second Oni Gautlet and the Oni Whip, he fight his way to come back from the past and defeat the Genma.

Michelle Aubert

File:141px-Oni3Michelle22 7121.png

Jacques' girlfriend and a officer of the French Army who aids Samanosuke in his quest.

Heihachiro "Heihachi" Tadakatsu Honda

File:180px-Tadakatsu Honda1 2648.png

A vassal of Tokugawa Ieyasu who's complied to work alongside with the genma, but has other plans. Wields the Genma Tonbo spear.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

Soki/Hideyasu Yuki

Voiced by: Toshiyuki Kusuda (JP), Jonathan Tyrell (EN).

File:Soki 880.jpg

The main Hero of Dawn of Dreams, he's a powerful warrior clad in a blue armor that stand against the evil Hideyoshi and burn down the "Cherry Trees" (Actually Genma Trees) which are gathered from all Japan. He'll soon find himself allied with four other characters with great powers and work with them in order to stop the Genma and their plans for The End of the World as We Know It.

He's actually the avatar of the Oni God of Darkness, destinated to slay Fortinbras at the cost of his own life. His true name is Hideyasu Yuki, and he's the bastard son of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Soki:" I forgot to tell you: I'm one enemy you don't wanna make either."


Ohatsu:" I'll have to shoot you... Hideyasu Yuki!!

Soki:"... I no longer go by that name..".


Jubei Akane Yagyu

Voiced By: Yukana (JP), Jenna D.A. Ronzzio (EN)

File:Akane Yagyu 3739.jpg

Sekishusai's granddaughter, she's the strongest swordsmanwoman in the Yagyu village. She's looking for her uncle Munenori in order to avenge the villagers he killed when he turned against the Yagyu. She ends up aiding Soki in his quest.

Jubei is small and light on her feet. She is able to cross narrow pathways and crawl through tight spaces to areas the others cannot reach. Her special command allow her to taunt enemies and distract them from attacking Soki.


Voiced By: Sanae Kobayashi (JP), Nika Futterman (EN)

File:O hatsu 9900.jpg

One of Hideyoshi's retainers, is a musket-wielding woman and an old friend (and love interest) of Soki. She first try to persuade Soki into joining the Toyotomi, but eventually she sides with him. In the finale is shown that she's married another man, but her heart will always be with Soki.

Ohatsu's specialties are firearms and explosives. She can unseal doors locked with genma and use her grappling tool to swing across to areas normally inaccessible by any other means. Furthermore, she can snipe determinated targets to make them work and she can provide you with stunning cover fire.

Tenkai Nankobo

Voiced By: Hideo Ishikawa (JP), Josh Keaton (EN)

File:Tenkai Nankobo 2708.jpg

A white-haired monk wearing a red armor who knows many secrets regarding the Oni and the Genma who meet and fight Soki and Jubei at Sawayama and start forming the group anti-Hideyoshi. He makes a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save Soki and Ohatsu but eventually gets better and comes back to the fight. He's actually Samanosuke.

Tenkai has the ability to speak with the souls of the dead for hints and key items. He can also increase your strength by praying.

Roberto Frois

Voiced By: Wataru Hatano (JP), Archie Rodriguez (EN)

File:Roberto Frois 1653.jpg

A huge Westerner who was born and raised in Japan by the Portuguese priest Luis Frois. However, when Luis turned evil he was abandoned and now he's seeking revenge on his foster father. Joins Soki after being rescued by him. he eventually manage to free Luis and kill the demon Rosencrantz.

His immense physical strength allows him to move heavy objects and levers, as well as opening heavy iron doors by punching them. He can also go berserk and attack recklessly the enemies without losing HP.

The Genma

Onimusha: Warlords

Oda Nobunaga

File:Nobunaga Oda 8610.png

The wicked warlord from Owari, in this series he was killed at Okehazama, only to be resurrected by the Genma in order to be their vassal in the conquest of Japan. After Fortinbras' demise he take over his throne and becomes the new Genma Lord and start his brutal conquest with the help of the Genma. He's vanquished but not totally defeated by Jubei Yagyu in Samurai's Destiny but comes back even stronger in Demon Siege where he attempt to conquer the present and future at the same time, but is finally killed by Samanosuke and sealed forever inside the Oni Gauntlet.


Guildernstern 8016.jpg

A skinny, evil Genma scientist who resurrected Nobunaga with genma powers and created many horrible monsters to unleash against Samanosuke. He's a heartless monster who did many awful deeds in the name of science. In 3 he plays a larger role by building and activating the Time Folder, a machine that enables Time Travel and use its powers to plan a Genma invasion in France 2002, but is eventually stopped by Samanosuke once and for all.


Guildenstern: How I love children. Their organs are so fresh and soft...



File:Osric 6608.png

The first serious opponent faced by Samanosuke, is a huge, clumsy demon with large fangs and a club who kidnaps Princess Yuki. He's killed by Samanosuke's Raizan sword. However he still makes some cameos in the second game and he has even a statue in Dawn Of Dreams


File:Marcellus 6613.jpg

A Former Oni warrior who was killed and turned into a Genma by Guildenstern. He faces Samanosuke and later Jacques several times in the first and third games and even makes a cameo in Dawn of Dreams where he attempt to kill Soki in the Oni Mansion but is bested. His role is also to remind Samanosuke what could happen to him if he fails to control his powers.


File:Hecuba 3720.png

A female genma that appears in Warlord she face Samanosuke in her giant, wasp-like form with her children but after a long, difficult battle she's killed. In Dawn of Dreams a boss that bears and uncanny resemblance to her appears in Sawayama Castle in one room.

Demon King Fortinbras

File:Re Fortinbras 8067.png

The King of the Genma, he's a huge, dragon-like demon with three eyes that rule over the Genma. He plans to turn Nobunaga into his powerful, immortal vassal in a dark ritual which involves drinking Yuki's blood in her skull but he's stopped in time and killed by Samanosuke with the powers of the Onimusha. Note, this character refers to Fortinbras in Warlords, for Fortinbras as God of Light see below.

Tokichiro Kinoshita / Toyotomi Hideyoshi

File:Hideyoshi Toyotomi 2647.jpg

Starts out as a little devious samurai who serves Nobunaga and often appears to mock Samanosuke or Jubei. After 3 he Took a Level in Badass and took the place of Nobunaga as ruler of the land and the new unofficial Genma Lord. Is actually revealed that he's just a pawn for the Triumvirate and gets a Death Equals Redemption moment

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny


File:Ginghamphatts 57.png

One of Nobunaga's generals, Ginghamphatts is a large, cocky spider-like demon who claims to be immortal and attacks Jubei frequently during the course of the game. He finally meet his fate during their last fight on the top of Gifu's main tower. He holds the "Strength" Orb


Jubei:" Ginghamphatts... can't you die?!"


Jubei: "Try to come back from that."



File:Gogandantess-il pi grande spadaccino di tutti i demoni 1603.jpg

The self-proclaimed Greatest Swordsman of All Demons, he's an arrogant and skilled swordmaster who fights Jubei several times, seeing in him a worthy opponent. He's quite a Ham and is protected by a magical shield of energy. Is also considerably less evil than the rest of the Genma. He holds the "Respect" Orb.


File:Jujudormah 2295.jpg

An old Genma crone and self-proclaimed concubine of Nobunaga Oda. She's the last of his lieutenants to show up and the first to be killed by Jubei. Is extremely vain and confident of her looks. She possess the "Honesty" Orb, embedded in her purse.

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege


File:Gargant Generale Genma 8906.jpg

The General of the Genma army and the strongest Genma warrior. He kills Kaede offscreen and is later slain by Samanosuke. However, he comes Back from the Dead and appears in the fourth game as the last guardian of the Oni Mansion and later as the Final Boss of the Dark Realm.

Ranmaru Mori

Ranmaru 5586.jpg

Nobunaga Oda's young retainer, is a sneaky, soft-spoken samurai that serves the demon lord. In Samanosuke's timeline he's cut down by the samurai and his body is sucked inside the Time Folder. He gets turned into a psychotic genma by Guildenstern and fight Samanosuke several times.


File:Gertrude 2675.jpg

Guildenstern's pet and keeper of the Oni Underwater Temple, is a huge, two headed dog monster who's encountered by both Samanosuke and Jacques.

Vega Donna

File:Vega Donna close up 3898.jpg

Nobunaga's wife and Queen of the Genma, she's a despotical, beautiful demoness who's in charge of the works on Azuchi Castle. She's met several times by Jacques and finally fought and killed in the top room of the castle.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

Danemon Ban

Voiced By: Shozo Iizuka (JP)

A samurai who served the Oda and now the Toyotomi. Once a man, he ate a large number of Genma Insects and turned into a massive Genma General. He's leading a caravan of "Cherry Trees" when he's ambushed by Soki in a outpost in Suruga plains. Despite his boasting he gets killed by the Oni of the Ash

Mitsunari Ishida /Claudius

Voiced By: Norio Wakamoto (JP), Alastair Duncan (EN)

File:Mitsunari Ishida Portrait 4681.jpg

Hideyoshi's right-hand man, is a wicked, malevolent lord who researched the Genma demons and become enticed with their powers. He used the Genma Trees to create Genma Insects, which were used to turn soldiers into fierce, restless demons. He also offered his body to the Genma Triumvirate member Claudius as a vessel, and he's so evil that its unknown where one begins and the other ends. He faces our heroes multiple times during the story. He's finally killed by Sakon Shima and the Genma Claudius is slain first by our heroes in Kyushu and later by Tenkai in Kyoto.

Munenori Mataemon Yagyu

Voiced By: Keiji Fujiwara (JP), Josh Keaton (EN)

File:Munenori Yagyu 1321.jpg

Munenori is a master swordsman from the Yagyu clan who defected them and sided with the Genma. He's and evil Jerkass who has a penchant for ravens and wields two swords at once. Akane's mission is to find him and kill him. He too has the Demon Eye. After the third battle it's revealed that he infected himself with Genma Insects to become more powerful and later even tries to take down Fortinbras by himself, but gets owned. Apparently, he's still alive at the end of the game.


Munenori:" I warn you: I'm one enemy you don't wanna make!"


Luis Frois /Rosencrantz

Voiced By: Masaharu Sato (JP)

File:Luis Frois Portrait 6189.jpg

A former portuguese priest and Roberto's adoptive father, he was a pious, generous man who helped the poor people, adopted many orphans and built an Hospital. Then he was hired by Mitsunari Ishida to help him in his research on the Genma and was forcefully possessed by Rosencrantz, who caused him to change into a crazy, murderous scientist who see Roberto as an experiment. He however used his last moments of consciousness to put the Exorcising Beads in Roberto's arms and sent him away from him. His "good" side awakens once more after his battle with Soki. He's finally killed and fred when Claudius falls on the Research Facility in Kyushu, causing it to explode. Rosencrantz is fought one last time in Kyoto and slain by Roberto.

  • Alas, Poor Villain
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: After the research on the Genma courtesy of Rosencrantz.
  • Demonic Possession: He's controlled by Rosencrantz, but he can fight back his influence sometimes
  • Face Heel Turn: He was a good, generous man. Then Mitsunari came...
  • Fat Bastard
  • For Science!
  • Knife Nut: He can summon and toss huge dissection blades.
  • Mad Scientist: He can be considered as Guildenstern's heir. Rosencrantz himself actually is behind this
  • Nightmare Fuel: His hospital in Osaka. There are no patients, but is full of human-like zombies.... also he's a creepy man.
  • One-Winged Angel: Rosencrantz reappears in Kyoto thanks to the Omen Star as a giant fly-like monster.
  • Sinister Minister
  • Shock and Awe: He can summon blue shocking orbs. As Rosencrantz he can hurl a lot of them.
  • That One Attack: One of his powers create a clock-shaped aura that will kill Soki and his partner if not removed in time. The only way to stop this is to damage him enough. Magic attacks are the best.

Sakon Shima

Voiced By: Kenta Miyake (JP)

File:Sakon Shima Portrait 4149.jpg

A huge, armored samurai who serves Mitsunari Ishida. He's actually compelled to serve the Genma with a demonic mask placed on his face. He's fought by Soki and Tenkai many times and finally defeated at Sakai. He redeem himslef by killing his lord Mitsunari and telling Soki about the teletransport device in Nagoya Castle.

Yodo /Ophelia

File:Ophelia Portrait 7413.jpg

Hideyoshi's concubine and mother of his heir, Hideyori. She's Ohatsu's Sister. For some reason she's totally faithful to Hideyoshi. Revealed that she's actually Ophelia, the Genma High Priestess, and member of the Genma Triumvirate with Claudius and Rosencrantz. She fights our heroes in Kyushu and later in Kyoto, but is finally horribly slain by the true Yodo, the Genma Mother Tree.

The Genma Mother Tree

The Largest of the Genma Trees and the main source of power for Hideyoshi, it envelops Fushimi Castle in his body. Its song is calling forth the Omen Star which will give to Hideyoshi God-like Powers. Soki's objective is to burn down this tree in order to stop Hideyoshi's plans. The Tree is actually Yodo, Ohatsu's sister, and during the final act she tears Ophelia apart and absorbs Hideyoshi in her body. She's eventually purified by Soki with Requiem, and both Yodo and Hideyoshi are spit out.

The God Of Light Fortinbras/The Man in White

File:Fortinbras Omega 7519.jpg

The most powerful Genma, he's the one who created their race. He was killed during the war against the Oni clan and sealed inside the Omen Star. He's revealed as Fortinbras, the White Serpent and the man in white who appeared to Soki many times ingame. After the arrival of the star his embryo hatches and resurrect the God as the allmighty giant White Serpent, and he later battles Soki in his human form, but he's killed once and for all. It's unknown whether this Fortinbras and the one from Warlords are actually the same demon god, or if the 1 Fortinbras was merely a high class Genma who took his name and appearence.


Princess Yuki

The Princess of Inabayama Castle and a friend of Samanosuke. She asks his help when strange events start happening around her castle. Later she's kidnapped by the Genma and is revealed that she'll be sacrificed in a dark ceremony to give Nobunaga great powers.


A female Oni with a snake-tail and arcane powers, she lives in a hidden cave near the Yagyu village and sets Jubei on his quest of revenge awakening his Oni powers. She's actually Jubei's mother. She's later slain by Jujudormah who slices her throat.

Henri Blanc

Jacques' young son. He helped Samanosuke, Michelle and his dad in the past during their battle against the Genma. Despite being distrustful of Michelle at first, he later manages to get along with her.

Ako /Arin

Ako Karasutengu 3830.jpg

A Small, cute Karasu Tengu who helps Samanosuke and Jacques in their quest by assisting them with her powers and recovering objects and hidden chests. She reappears in Dawn Of Dreams as Arin, a nun who watch over the shrine on Mount Hiei.

Mino Goro

A small, hideous member of the "Mino" clan, is a small, silkworm-like person who appears in the first and third games and can transport Samanosuke and Jacques to the Dark Realm. He reappears in Dawn Of Dreams as a shopkeeper.


A young member of the Mino clan and Soki's sidekick. He's left his clan in order to become a valiant samurai. He can assist Soki and his friends with his powers of Teleport, which can allow them to visit previous levels and go into the Dark Realm.

He uses all his powers to send the group from Nagoya Castle in Kyushu to the Akechi Tomb near Kyoto and apparently die for the effort. However, he's shown to have recovered and he's following Jubei now.
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