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The character sheet for Oniisama e...!

Nanako Misonoo

File:Oniisama nanako jpg 2885.jpg

The main character of this story. She is a 16 year old young girl from a middle class background who manages to be accepted in Seiran High, a very prestigious all-girls school, and then is a candidate to come into the high-class group named the Sorority.

Nanako's parents

File:Misonous jpg 4016.jpg

Nanako's mom and dad. Not exactly. Her dad is actually her stepfather, and married Nanako's mom when she was five. He is also the biological father of Takehiko Henmi.

  • Drowning My Sorrows: Prof. Misonoo, in the past.
  • Good Parents: It's clear that they love Nanako and try to raise her as lovingly as they can.
    • Parents as People: ... Though both of them hide Takehiko's existence to Nanako, and later Mrs. Misonoo asks Takehiko to not reveal their true bond to her either. (In their defense, though, they didn't fully abandon Takehiko after his mother's death, sending him the money he needed until he could fend off by himself).
  • Parent with New Paramour: Nanako's mom married Professor Misonoo when Nanako was five.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Nanako's Hot Mom, who's even always seen in a kimono.
  • Your Cheating Heart: The Prof. turned to drinking when his first wife left him and took their kid (Takehiko) away with her, and it was during these days that he met Nanako's mom (the beautiful waitress of his favorite pub) and fell for her. However, the letter that demanded Nanako's ousting from the Sorority accused the second Mrs. Misonoo of being a homewrecker, which she obviously wasn't.

Takehiko Henmi (alias Takehiko Misonoo.)

File:Oniisamae takehiko 4660.jpg

Nanako's former tutor, who helped her to get into Seiran. Nanako writes letter to him to tell her how her highschool life is, and refers to him as "Oniisama" ("Older brother").

He is actually the son of Professor Misonoo, from a former marriage. (Hence why the different surname, with "Henmi" being Takehiko's mom's maiden name.) Therefore he is Nanako's older brother, sorta. Unlike Nanako, he knows about their relationship; however, he hasn't been in direct contact with the Professor for several years, despite the death of his mother some years after the (rather bitter) divorce process, and how both the Prof. and Nanako's mom secretly provided young Takehiko with the money needed for his expenses until he could support himself. 

Tomoko Arikura

File:Oniisamae tomoko jpg 8302.jpg

Nanako's cheerful and tomboyish best friend, who got into Seiran with her. She is the main anchor between Nanako and Real Life, alongside Takehiko and her parents.

Mariko Shinobu

File:Oniisamae mariko jpg 5633.jpg

The first friend that Nanako makes in Seiran, and a fellow Sorority candidate. She is straightforward, passionate, and quite clingy to those she cares for.

Aya Misaki

File:Oniisamae aya 1240.jpg

Another Sorority candidate, as well as Mariko's rival. Once she doesn't get chosen, she starts attacking Nanako and Mariko...

Fukiko Ichinomiya aka "Miya-sama"

File:Oniisamae fukiko 2843.jpg

The leader of the very exclusive Sorority and daughter to the very rich and noble Ichinomiya family, as well as one of the "Magnificent Three" of Seiran alongside Rei and Kaoru. Very composed and calm and a born leaderess, but with a far more complicated mind.

Kaoru Orihara aka "Kaoru no Kimi"

File:Oniisamae kaoru 8265.jpg

The second of the "Magnificent Three", Kaoru is also the most tomboyish and levelheaded. She and Rei have been friends for years, and loathes Fukiko for her treatment of her. She takes a Cool Big Sis role for Nanako, Mariko and Tomoko, as she is the Class Representative to their class (due to some personal problems she had to be held back for a year, thus she's a first year student despite being older than the rest). Also has romantic ties to Takehiko, and a huge secret in regards to her health.

  • Berserk Button: She has two. First, don't bully someone in front of her. Second, please don't neglect your own health.
  • Bifauxnen
  • Bait and Switch Lesbians (or maybe Bi the Way): She marries Nanako's stepbrother Takehiko, her old boyfriend, after Rei's death.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: Because Kaoru loved Takehiko and didn't want him to suffer for her illness, she broke up with him after showing him her mastectomy scars.
  • Bully Hunter: Very, very protective of Rei and Nanako. The third episode has her physically mauling Aya and her Girl Posse when they start bullying Nanako in class, and she also stands up to Fukiko several times.
  • Broken Bird: Less than others, but still.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Nanako and Mariko, and to Tomoko too in the anime.
  • Class Representative: Subverted, as she's pretty decent at her job but doesn't exactly have the archetypical traits.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Ill Girl: Has breast cancer. In fact, she had to go through a mastectomy at age 16.
  • Keiko Toda
  • Lethal Chef
  • Only Sane Woman: The most down to Earth among the main girls.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: A member of the school's basketball team and a very talented athlete. And when she suffers an injury to her chest in the middle of a basketball game and is unable to play fully due to her illness, Rei takes Kaoru's place.
  • School Idol
  • Spared by the Adaptation: The end of the manga has Nanako getting the news that Kaoru died shortly after marrying Takehiko. In the anime, she's shown alive in a photo holding her and Takahiko's child.
  • Tomboy

Rei Asaka aka "Hana no Saint Juste"

File:Oniisamae rei 8083.jpg

The third member of the "Magnificent Three", a beautiful artist/musician and former basketball player. Nanako attempts to help and befriend her, but it'll be very complicated. Specially due to her... very convoluted relationship with her older half-sister, Fukiko.

  • Bifauxnen
  • Broken Bird
  • Butch Lesbian: It's more obvious in her relationship with Nanako (who would be the femme in this case).
  • Driven to Suicide: In the manga. The anime bowdlerizes it into an accident. Then again, Bury Your Gays...
    • It's not even the first time she's attempted it. At some point Kaoru takes her bracelet by force and this reveals a scar on Rei's wrist, coming from her slitting it open in the past.
    • In episode 12, she reveals that she and Fukiko made a suicide pact of sorts, and under the influence of a fever and drugs she tries to fulfill it... with Nanako. She barely stops once she realizes that she was about to Kick the Wrong Dog, and collapses in tears.
    • Also, in the anime there's a subversion. Rei's death is a genuine accident (she fell in the path of a train while in her way to a meeting/date with Nanako), but almost everyone except for Kaoru believes that Rei killed herself. The police later dispell this, when a boy who witnessed the accident tells them what truly went on.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: Accomplished piano, violin and guitar player.
  • Heroic Bastard: Daughter of the Ichinomiya patriarch and one of the maids.
  • Knife Nut
  • Love Martyr: To her older sister Fukiko.
  • The Ophelia
  • Passionate Sports Girl: In the past, she was in the school's basketball team, but she has stopped playing. The reasons vary in each continuity: in the anime Fukiko forbids her from playing basketball again, but in the manga she quits playing on her own free will. And when Kaoru is unable to play fully due to her illness, she plays to back Kaoru up and she takes Kaoru's place when Kaoru suffers an injury to her chest during an important basketball game.
  • Princess Curls
  • Room Full of Crazy: Two. One is her "secret spot" at the school tower, the other is her whole apartment.
  • School Idol
  • Shower of Angst: More than one.
  • Sisterly Incest: Towards her older sister Fukiko.
  • Sumi Shimamoto
  • Tragic Keepsake: A Creepy Doll and golden bracelet, given to her by the abusive Fukiko.
  • Woman in Black: Though her personality is much different from the standard WIB one.
  • Woman in White: If she's in her night gown instead. And when she died in the anime, she was wearing a white suit.

Takashi Ichinomiya

File:Oniisamae takeshi 234.jpg

Fukiko's older brother, as well as Takehiko and Rei's close friend. Rei is his half-sister, actually.

Hisako Shinobu, nèe Hisako Shikiya

File:Oniisamae hisako 8609.jpg

Mariko's kind and gentle mother, whom she's very close to.

"Lady Borgia" Ogiwara

File:Oniisamae ogiwara 6846.jpg

A high-ranked lady from the Sorority, and a close friend of "Lady Mona Lisa" Komabayashi. In the anime it's explained that she has always been deathly jealous of Fukiko, and tries to upstage her. The results are... a complete disaster.

"Lady Mona Lisa" Komabayashi

File:Oniisamae komabayashi 3288.jpg

Another high-ranked Sorority girl, called Mona Lisa due to having a mysterious smile and dark black hair like the famous painting. "Lady Borgia" Ogiwara is her closest friend. She actually confronts Nanako about her and Fukiko's deals first. Later she and Ogiwara team up...

"Lady Medusa" Katsuragi

File:Oniisama medusa 5010.jpg

Another high-ranked Sorority girl, and the one that Fukiko is in best terms with.

  • Messy Hair: Which is the cause of her "Medusa" nickname.
  • Number Two: Apparently, to Fukiko. Komabayashi is mentioned to be this, but Katsuragi seems to be personally closer to her.
  • Kumiko Takizawa

"Lady Cattleya" Yamamoto

File:Oniisama cattleya 171.jpg

Another high-ranked Sorority girl, she seems to get along well with the younger members. She and "Vampanella" Hoshino also seem to be close friends.

"Lady Vampanella" Hoshino

File:Hoshino 1051.jpg

The last of the higher-ranked Sorority girls, and a good friend of "Lady Cattleya" Yamamoto.

Junko Nakaya

File:Oniisamae junko 5000.jpg

A junior Sorority member, who came in alongside Nanako and Mariko. Episode 15 of the anime focuses on her and her issues.

Megumi Furuta and Miyuki Sonobe

File:Oniisamae miyuki megumi 9374.jpg

Aya Misaki's Girl Posse, and apparently the only friends she has in school.

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