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A title of a work that's only one word long.

Note: Titles that's the name of a character (e.g. Rose; it refers to the character Rose Tyler) don't go here, they go under Character Title. Words comprised of two or more words written as one (e.g. Exo Squad) don't count either.

Compare to One-Letter Title. Contrast to The Fantastic Trope of Wonderous Titles and Long Title. Verbed Title and Mononymous Biopic Title are subtropes.

Helpful tip for new tropers: To link to a one-word trope, enclose in curly braces: {{Trope}}. Can be embedded inside square brackets: [[{{Trope}} visible text]]. And now you know. (In case you were wondering, the above text uses the [=This is not a link=] tag.

Examples of One Word Title include:

Anime & Manga



Live-Action TV



  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • "One". There's actually more than one "One": there's the Three Dog Night hit, the Metallica song, and a notable (Stephen Sondheim?) Broadway showtune.
  • The master of understatement Miles Davis was particularly partial to these, many of which were songs penned by Wayne Shorter: "Iris", Pangaea, and the classic Workin, Cookin, Walkin, Steamin, and Relaxin' albums.
  • Disturbed is a fan of this trope. Most of their albums contain twelve or so songs, all but one or two of which have a One Word Title.
  • Pearl Jam are prone to this in studio albums (exceptions are No Code, Riot Act and the Self-Titled Album), and were on song titles (which they retracted by writing "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.")
  • Brazilian band Skank have 8 studio albums. Only one doesn't fit the trope.

Newspaper Comics


Video Games

Web Animation


Western Animation

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