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So you have a character who's famous in-universe, or a popular show-within-a-show. For sake of example: The Alice and Bob Show. What better way to show off that fame and popularity? Alice and Bob On Ice! When you've got your own ice show, you've officially made it to the big time.

Like many Shows within Shows, an in-universe Ice Show may be rife with Adaptation Decay and Stylistic Suck. There also tends to be a high level of Camp.

Not related to metamphetamine. Sub-Trope of Recycled in Space.

Examples On Ice!


Live Action TV

  • ICarly discussed the trope in the episode iWin A Date when two of their friends didn't show up for their webshow as they went to see Girly Cow On Ice.

 Carly: "Why is it whenever there's a popular TV show they just gotta go put it on ice!"

  • Dialogue in a Full House episode revealed that Danny once took D.J. to see Smurfs on Ice.

Real Life

Sketch Comedy

Talk Show

  • David Letterman for December 12, 2010 had a fake ad for WikiLeaks on Ice.

Web Comics

  • Love and Capes has The Crusader On Ice. The Crusader's girlfriend is the only one amused.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • The full title of the Simpsons 20th anniversary special was The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special - In 3-D! On Ice! (Although it was neither on ice nor in 3D, and was shown during the 21st season...but it really was about The Simpsons.)
    • Also one time on The Simpsons Krusty and Sideshow Mel were hosting an Ice Capades-type show; they slipped behind some flats and two obvious skate-doubles came out to do an ice dance in their stead.
  • In an episode of Fairly Oddparents, Timmy sells magical lemonade so he can afford tickets to Crash Nebula on Ice.
  • Rugrats had Reptar on Ice. Reptar is the show's expy of Godzilla, but for some reason (even the guy playing Reptar complained about its implausibility), the ice show had him falling in love with a reporter. On the other hand, Grampa was doubtful about seeing it but thought it was brilliant once he did.
  • Robot Chicken did a sketch where The Empire Strikes Back became Empire... On Ice!"
  • In the Arthur episode "Play It Again, D.W.", D.W. has four tickets to Crazy Bus Live. Arthur doesn't want to go, but D.W. tells him that it's only fair; she had to go to Bionic Bunny on Ice when Arthur wanted to go.
  • In Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Bloo's popularity has resulted in a flood of Captain Ersatz Bloos, and this becomes a problem when Mac only has two tickets to Bloo's favorite TV show's On Ice Spectacular.
  • Dangeresque: Put 'Em On Ice from the Rock Opera E-mail from Homestar Runner.
  • Eddie from Slacker Cats goes to see Saving Private Ryan on ice.
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