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  • Linkara of That Guy With The Glasses and Atop the Fourth Wall had written "Web of Dimensions" A Self-Insert Fic crossing Pokémon/Digimon/SailorMoon under the name PsyWeedle. It appears to have been taken down, as that one is not on his list of fanfics. Bennett the Sage, however, did manage to get his hands on it for Masterpiece Fanfic Theater. Linkara is there, tied up and trying to stop Sage.
  • The Fan Fiction Critic mans up and reviews her own Old Shame in a Very Special Episode. It's . . . actually not as terrible as she thought. Still pretty bad, but not terrible.
  • Notorious furry Sage Freehaven. As a teenager -- and prior to entering the Furry Fandom -- he wrote several awful Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers fanfics called "The Dark Savior Saga", which saw various revisions over his tenure in the fandom and contained innumerable examples of bad fanfic tropes; he also made the mistake of writing them under his real name, only later changing them to bear his Furry Fandom pen name. Years later, he had the entire series -- and anything else associated with both that name and his real name, including a MiSTing of the first fanfic in the series -- stricken from the Rescue Rangers fandom's fan works repository. The only place you can read any of it now is at Everything What Is Crap, where the MiSTing of the first story in the series (found under the "American Works" section) remains intact.
  • Hunterjeanmidna, the author of Avatars II When Qwaritch Takes Revenge and Alvan an The Chipmunks 3 The Second Squeakuel, admitted that those stories were terrible and that he just didn't care about spelling or grammar. He has also stated that he's been putting a lot of effort into improving his writing.
  • GeminiStar01 has been hovering around for six years now, starting with the second season of Digimon and Yu Yu Hakusho fics. Don't bring them up when talking to her, unless it's in person and you want to see the funny color she turns.
  • Eyrie Productions Unlimited's first project was Undocumented Features, a work they are still continuing 20 years after it started. However, their second was the Spin-Off (Gryphon and Zoner get) Hopelessly Lost, something that the original authors would prefer to have you forget (and which they are, in fact, recreating as Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age, a markedly superior work). Also, within the Undocumented Features body of work, the authors aren't too fond of the initial stories, which had started as a silly blend of wish fulfillment and in-jokes; Gryphon has referred to them as his "crap period."
  • Author razzamatazz73 actually changed her penname because she was so embarrassed by her old fanfics. She even mentions on her profile that her general rule of thumb is to ignore just about everything published before 2007. Her newer material is noticeably better, considering her rather cliched first fics and more recent Star Trek and Fusion Fall successes. Her review responses to her older stories are particularly amusing, as she usually begins all responses by apologizing to the reader.
  • The "Both Syllables" series ended unfinished (and was then erased from the Internet) for this reason. The author eventually released her list of reasons for hating the series.
  • Andrew Dickman created a short flash animation called Rockman Neo. He intended to create a Darker and Edgier fanfic and fan game based on the Mega Man series. However, after some time, Dickman abandoned the project. Not only that, but he started becoming outright hostile to fans who asked whatever happened to Rockman Neo.
  • Most fanfic writers who have been writing for a long time have at least one of these.
    • Hell, most authors that have more than about five fics in their repertoire will have at least one that is dead because they got bored of it, and have since changed their style and improved to the point where their first fic seems incredibly bad. Guaranteed.
    • Drmusic2/Monstermaster13 has the majority of the work that he/they did under their Deviantart username of Dr Music as theirs including their first monster original character, a dead comedian based werecreature. So much so that even looking at videos about it embarrasses him.
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