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When a character presents a hypothetical scenario, then sarcastically says something like "Oh, wait!" and observes that it's actually true. Usually used to present a Take That. Different from That Came Out Wrong in that the character knows full well what he said. Has nothing to do with Hey, Wait!.

Examples of Oh, Wait! include:


 Spidey: Oh wait, I know why. It's because I run a criminal empire and cloak it in charity work and quote unquote legitimate businesses and try to sell myself as something I'm not. No wait, that's you.

Fan Works

  • From the interlude to Progress, Luna vs. the Facts of Life, we get this gem from Celestia:

 Celestia: Oh yes! Mmm... Sometimes I just see a colt and I think to myself, 'Oh, if only I was an immortal, beautiful, sexy goddess that all would love to mate until I couldn't stand up.' And then I think 'Oh wait! I totally am!'


 Sydney White: If only there were a place where a superficial, materialistic bitch could fit in. Oh wait, there is.

 Lisa: You should have said something.

Max: Gee, I wish I had. Oh, wait, I did, but you were too busy [snip] to listen to me.

Live Action TV

 Anya: All I know is I really want to go to this dance and I want someone to go with me.

Xander: Be still my heart. Oh wait, it is.

 Paige: I was hoping you could take drugs, act like a freak and destroy everything. Oh wait. You did that last year.

  • House episode "Joy to the World":

 Dr. Taub: House always has an agenda, just screwing with us isn't...

Dr. Kutner: Yeah he'd never do that. Oh wait- He already did last year!

 Q: I wish you could see the look on your faces! Oh wait, you can! [Snaps his fingers and mirrors appear]

  • Angel episode "That Old Gang of Mine":

 Cordelia Chase: And it's not like the last time she was out in the world, she got sucked into an inter-dimensional portal and ended up living like a hunted-animal in a hostile, demon, alterna-world, or anything? Oh, wait. Kind of is, isn't it?

 Ken Miller: Lindsay, here's an idea - how 'bout you break up our band so you can go make out with Nick? Oh, wait, you already did that.

 Lorelai: Hey, let's look into each other's eyes and say "I wish I were you" at exactly the same time - maybe we'll pull a Freaky Friday.

Rory: Or we can just pretend that we did and you can go around acting really immature. Oh, wait...

  • Triple Whammy: in the Frasier episode "Proxy Prexy", Marty runs for condo-board president to act as a mouth for Frasier's ideas, and tensions rise between the two.

 Marty: Well, if you're so sure you're indispensable maybe you should run for president. Oh, wait. You did. Five times.

Frasier: They wouldn't love you so much if it weren't my ideas!

Marty: Right, because you need a Ph.D to think of repainting the lobby. Oh, wait. You don't.

Frasier: Would you stop doing that!

Marty: You're right. It's not an effective way to argue. Oh, wait. It is!

  • Top Gear, after Clarksons second-hand supercar develops severe engine problems, with an engine that had just had a 10 thousand pound rebuild...

 Hammond: You know what could help? If you spent 10 grand on the engi... Oh wait, he already did, what a shame.

 Bartlet: If only technology could invent some way to get in touch with you in an emergency. Some sort of telephonic device with a personalized number we could call to let you know that we needed you. Perhaps it would look something [grabs Leo's pager] like *this*, Mr. Moto!

 Bartlet: I'm not an economist, but... no, wait, I am an economist.

  If only I had the Doctor's biological code...oh, wait a minute, I do! I've got his hand!


  • The chorus to the song "Invisible" by Clay Aiken has him singing about all of the things he could do if he was invisible, then says "Wait, I already am" referring to the way his Love Interest doesn't notice him.

Video Games

  • It's possible to say this to Alistair in Dragon Age:

 The Warden: I dream of becoming a Grey Warden. Oh Wait.

  • In Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Jim Raynor may say this when you click on him in between missions.

 Raynor: I should take a walk outside. Oh, wait.

    • Mind you, he's in his flagship the Hyperion while saying this line.
  • Mass Effect 3, if you get the quarians and geth to end their war peacefully, Garrus notes, "Next you'll be telling me the krogan and turians are working together... oh wait, you did that too."

Web Comics

  • Schlock Mercenary... Ennesby goes off on a rant about how biologicals underestimate the creativity of A Is, and comments that it's probably due to some lingering fear that the A Is will eventually grow so intelligent and creative that they'll just supplant the biologicals as the dominant form of life in the universe. "Oh wait... Petey and the Fleetmind already did that."
  • This Darths and Droids comic. Though, as he says it a panel later that appears to be out of the conversation, it may have actually been a realization rather than sarcasm.

 Obi-Wan: I'll call back when I've defeated Jango. He shouldn't be hard to catch. It's not like there are hundreds of thousands of identical copies of him running around. Oh wait.

  • Political webcomic I Drew This has a good example. The artist, David is making a comic in which Dick Cheney is out hunting, but due to incompetence hits a person in the face, and THEN makes the guy apologize for not looking more like a bird. David thinks this is totally original, but then Joe the Liberal Eagle comes up with the paper, which has the headline "All That Cheney Stuff You Just Said". Last panel is of David sobbing onto his drawing board saying "Satire is dead!"
  • Drive:

 Fernando: Do you know what my family will do to your people when they find out??

Fillipod: What, crack our planet in half? Oh wait.

Web Original

 That'd be like making an entire movie about death, the afterlife, heaven and hell, and never once using the word god. Oh wait."

 "Everything about Laika's journey seemed to go swimmingly, until we realized the Soviets never had a safe return plan for their pooch, and they planned for her to die in space all along. Which sucks, of course, but at least she died peacefully when she ate her poisoned food dose a week into orbit, as the Soviets reported. Except, oh wait, that's not how Laika died at all."

 Is this any way to prepare our children for the adult world? By making them believe that authority figures often rely on unfair and arbitrary rules not based on any kind of logic or...

Wait, that actually may be a pretty good way to prepare them for the adult world.

Western Animation

 Abnegazar: Or what? You'll kill me? Gosh, I might end up suffering eternal torment as punishment for my sins! Oh, wait - I already am!

    • From "Secret Society"

 Clayface: You didn't think I came alone, did you?

Batman: Wish I had thought of that.

(Green Lantern blasts the door in, revealing the rest of the League)

Batman: Oh wait, I did. (smirks)

 Fry: That's like digging up Lassie and putting her on display in the Louvre!

Amy: Lassie is in the Louvre.

Fry: I know; I was deliberately describing a similar situation.

  Raphael: "Oh look, an alien invasion, we don't see that everyday... oh wait.. yea we do.

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