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A couple, often just married, gets ready to make love. They turn off the lights, and a few seconds later, the girl says, "Oh, (insert guy's name)!", and she says it so quickly, you wonder if the guy can even move that fast. Unless it's meant to be something a little more innocent that will lead to more, but we wouldn't see, would we?

A Discredited Trope (or even a Dead Unicorn Trope), given that it was meant to imply love making without actually showing anything.

Sometimes subverted by having "guy's name" be someone else entirely, often meaning that the other guy somehow got in the room.

Note this not just calling out someone's name in bed. It has to be just after the lights are turned off. Otherwise it's a different trope.

A Sub-Trope of Sexy Discretion Shot.

Examples of Oh, Mr. Grant! include:

Anime and Manga


 Ranma: Akane...

Akane: Oh, Ranma!



  • "Oh James!" quite a few times from James Bond.
  • In Blazing Saddles, Madeleine Kahn's character asks the black sheriff if it's true that all black men are... "gifted"". As they get into bed and turn out the light, a loud (un)zipping is heard, then her voice cries out "Oh, it's twue, it's twue!" Supposedly, the original script called for the sheriff to reply at that point, "Ma'am, you're sucking on my elbow", but they removed the line for fear of censorship.
  • In the 2006 "Marie Antoinette", Marie's little "Oh!" when King Louis finally figures out how to have sex and makes a move on her in the dark. Note that in real life his inability to consummate was the result of a physical condition he eventually had fixed.
  • Police Academy 2 managed to combine this with Reckless Gun Usage of all things, thanks to Tackelberry and Kirkland both being Ax Crazy gun nuts.

Live Action TV

  • Writers for The Mary Tyler Moore Show joked about having Mary and Lou Grant marry, and having this happen (hence the Trope Namer), which shows just how long this has been discredited.
  • Walker, Texas Ranger played this completely straight when Walker and Alex married. Then again, that show seemed to play a lot of old tropes straight.
  • Parodied on Married... with Children. "Oh, Al, you're...done."
    • Parodied again in a different episode: when Marcy and Jefferson are having sex, she blurts out "Oh God, oh Jefferson, oh god!" loud enough for the Bundys to hear, and then Jefferson says the exact same thing.
    • In another episode, Peggy moans Al's name in her sleep:

 Peggy: Oh, Al, I had the most wonderful dream. We were having sex... actually, I shouldn't say "we". You weren't there.

Al: Oh, yeah? Then why were you calling 'Al'?

Peggy: I wanted you to see how it was done.


Video Games

  • Beat the arcade game Sly Spy and you'll be treated to a scene of the hero driving around with a accompaniment of beautiful women. When you put in your initials and the high score table pops up, a female voice will moan, "Oh, Sly!"

Western Animation

  • From an episode of The Simpsons were Homer is portrayed as Henry the Eighth: "Oh, Henry!"
    • Also Marge wouldn't say a name, but chuckle lasciviously when Homer would turn out the lights while wearing his Mr. Plow jacket.
      • In another episode, Apu and his wife are attempting to have a child; we're treated to the lights going out, then his eyes glowing in the darkness as he cries out "Oh! Calcutta!!"
      • Also done with Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel at the end of the episode where they first get together. (This is after Skinner publicly lies about being a a 44-year-old virgin in order to get the town to leave them alone after they get caught making out at school by the kids.)
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