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The characters of Ogre Battle 64.

Magnus Gallant

Protagonist of Person of Lordly Caliber. The son of the former general of the Palatian army, Magnus enters the military academy to get away from his father. He is the childhood friend of Prince Yumil, whom his father was assigned to guard. On his request, he is sent to the Southern region upon graduation. There he serves under General Godeslas and witnesses the start of the Palatian revolution. Regardless of the choices made, he defects to the revolutionary army, where he goes from untrusted rookie to flagbearer of the movement in two years.

Tropes associated with Magnus:

Diomedes Rangue/Dio

A southerner assigned to the same training group as Magnus. When the latter is assigned command in the first training mission, he grows jealous and challenges him to a fight. Depending on Magnus' answer to his challenge, and the answer to a later question, Dio may leave the party. Otherwise, he stays with Magnus, following him when the latter defects, eventually becoming a trusted friend.

Tropes associated with Dio:

Leia Silvis

The daughter of Count Silvis, lord of Argent. Leia joins the military against her father's wishes in order to prove her own worth. She is sent the southern region, and is assigned to Magnus' battalion when it is officially formed.

Tropes associated with Leia:

Hugo Miller

An adviser for the southern division. He is assigned to train both Magnus and Dio, and stays with the battalion afterwards. Follows Magnus to the revolutionary army.

Tropes associated with Hugo:

Troi Tyton

A young(er) kid impressed by Magnus' battalion. Always wanted to join the army and does it if Magnus accepts him.

  • Cheerful Child
  • Momma's Boy: Part of the reason he joins Magnus, to grow out of it.
  • Stone Wall: Starts as a Phalanx. If you go see his mother, she gives him a shield that boosts his already impressive defenses and makes him immune so several magic effects.
  • Tagalong Kid

Ankiseth Gallant

Magnus' father, and the bodyguard and later commander of Yumil's forces. Accused of having once murdered a noble, he is called Ankiseth the Murderer by his detractors.

Liedel Klein

A former member of one of the central division's branches. Her comrades were butchered by Ogres and as the sole survivor she blames Magnus for it, as she was told the rebels unleashed the ogres. It was general Godesleas. Will join the rebellion if you defeat her and have a high Chaos Frame.

Sheen Cocteau

A Hawkman that left Lodis due to its strict laws. He joins you in the hopes of meeting women.

Tropes associated with Sheen:

Biske La Varet

A werewolf, imprisoned by Magnus' father years ago. Released on the condition that he face and kill Magnus. If you have a low Chaos Frame, he may join you after the battle.

Europea Rheda

Knight of the Eastern Division and follower of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Tropes associated with Europea:

Carth Forleizen

A former knight of Lodis. He leaves when his order no longer follows the ideals set forth by Lodis' God.

Tropes associated with Carth:

Paul Lukische

A boy from a secluded mountain town. He is shunned by society because he accidentally turned his best friend to stone.

Tropes associated with Paul:

Eurynome Rhade

Knight of the Central region. Meets Magnus when the latter rescues him, Jeal and Prince Yumil from the rebels. He instructs Magnus to slaughter the remainder of the rebels in the area. Rhade's continued behavior is a big motivator in Magnus' defection.

Tropes associated with Rhade:

Yumil Dulmare

The Prince of Palatinus and childhood friend of Magnus.

Tropes associated with Yumil:

  • A God Am I: Actually the reincarnation of Danika, the daughter of Berthe, the Goddess of Earth.
  • Bishonen
  • Face Heel Turn
  • Forgotten Childhood Friend: Played with. He has a feeling he knew Mari, his lover, in his youth. He didn't. Mari's father is Rashidi, who specifically manipulated the entire situation so that the two would meet.
  • Ho Yay: With Magnus.
  • Royal Rapier
  • Save the Princess: Inverted, since Yumil is male.
  • The Unfavorite: Hated by his father, since his mother died in childbirth. Due to his odd hair and eye color, his father suspects he's not really his son anyway.

Baldwin Glendale

Member of the Lodis empire's Caliginous Order. He manipulates events from behind scenes before entering the main story alongside the other Order members in Chapter 3.

Tropes associated with Baldwin:

Richard Glendale

Baldwin's older brother and the "Death Templar" of the Caliginos Order.

Tropes associated with Richard:

  • Aloof Big Brother: He's shown to care about Baldwin, but never shows it around him and is extremely cold towards him in hopes of pushing him to work harder. this treatment eventually leads to Baldwin killing him, and Richard is actually proud of him for it.
  • Badass: His initial introduction features him ordering around the King of Palatinus.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Is the de-facto ruler of Palatinus and would have served as the game's Big Bad if not for the fact that other characters start showing up with control powers from the underworld that put his army to shame.
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