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The stored "Cum Sprites" will become a plot point

  • at sometime in the future they will all be released at same time and knock down the Evil Sorceress, potentially helping defeating her
    • By drowning?

The Adventurer who satisfied the Snow Queen is Kronar's "son"

  • The mouse-over text in the second page of Solstice lends credence to this.

 "At last! Some heterosexual porn."

    • Or it's referencing the fact that most porn is made with men in mind, so of course porn with two women would be considered heterosexual, because Girl-On-Girl Is Hot.
  • Alternatively Greir is Kronar's son.
  • Moreover, Ivan is Kronar's son with that transformed wizard, making him and Greir siblings.

Oglaf the Shepherd Boy will be responsible for bringing down Mistress

  • He is the Chosen One
  • Also, possibly with the help of Ivan, who may or may not learn sorcery on his own.
    • Well he'll need his cumsprites, for one thing.

The Winter Queen's freezing powers depend on the season

During winter, she is able to snap-freeze human flesh on touch. On summer solstice, her body temperature is about the same as a regular human woman's. That's why Kronarsen Greir can only visit her once a year.

  • ...aaaand Jossed by page 2. Sad.

Oglaf the Shepherd Boy is the Apprentice's son

Enchanted sperm is hereditary.

  • Ivan hasn't had sex though.
    • I assumed that Oglaf's bits take place in the future.
    • Also, even if Ivan hasn't technically had sex, he has plenty of reproductive material stored away in a cupboard that might someday find its way to a woman...

Ivan the Apprentice is the ancestor of Jeremy from Platinum Grit, which is by the same Artist

Dye Ivan's hair red, slight change of cut, modernize the clothes, and they're practically twins.

Ivan isn't finished

Because of his not-sex escapades he's a vampire. Course, considering how the others went down due to the archers he could easily be gone.

  • And there's no visible wound. And no blood... Returning the arrow undid everything it had previously caused, or Navaan will come explain the situation and Mistress will have a change of heart, or... or... He just CAN'T be gone!
  • The vampire will return and turn him into a vampire before he dies. She did ask about him before she threw the potion at the soldiers
  • This one seems to be bearing out, although it certainly looks like Mistress meant to make an end of him.

The Mistress's new apprentice will be Oglaf, and will lead to the downfall of her kingdom.

First because the strip is named after him and he's apparently "the chosen one," and second, well... "I shot the albatross."

  • She will enchant his sperm like she did Ivan's, so now it'll be able to tell him all about his destiny without him having to learn to read first.

The Mistress's new apprentice will be Oglaf, but only because he wandered into her castle by chance.

He can't read the "Apprentice Wanted" sign, after all.

The Fountain of Girl really is the Fountain Of Youth

Because it really does make people young again. Young, blonde, and female, anyway. There are those out there who would only care about the "young" part.

  • There's no evidence it makes anyone young -- it might just make them look young.

Navaan (Ivan's abductor from the virgin city) will be Mistress' next apprentice

She's outside the castle, and obviously she's still important to the plot since the storyline is still following her. And hey -- now she has a name!

  • There's a plot?

The Weird Woman is Kronar's son.

She considers her vagina a twisted monstrosity because not only did she not know anyone else with one growing up, everyone around her also saw it as tainting her and their tribe.

  • It would make sense but her infant aged display of violence and badassery is suggested to have changed Kronar's mind, at least for her.
    • He sees her as his son, who just happens to be shaped like those inferior women. That's not healthy.

The Funsnake is the Guardian of the Mask in a body stocking.

Hey, in a story that brings together Grier, Navaan, Morag, and the Monks... why the hell not?

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