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Offspring is an Australian comedy-drama show that aired on Channel Ten in August 2010. It centres around a Melbourne obstetrician, as she deals with her family, and her love life.

Characters include:

  • Nina Proudman- The protagonist of the series, an obstetrician who was newly single at the beginning of the show.
  • Billie Proudman- Nina's older sister, a real estate agent who works in the family business.
  • Jimmy Proudman- The youngest of the Proudman children, and also the one without any sense of where he's going.
  • Darcy Proudman- Father to Nina, Billie, Jimmy and Ray. A real estate agent and serial Casanova.
  • Geraldine Proudman- Mother to Nina, Billie and Jimmy. A teacher, ostensibly separated from Darcy (but it can depend on the episode).
  • Cherie Butterfield- A nurse Nina works with at the hospital. She gives birth to Ray in the pilot episode and it is revealed that Darcy is the father.
  • Mick Holland- Billie's ex, a sometime musician/composer and landscape gardener. He and Billie get back together and marry at the end of season 2.

Originally it was planned to be a telemovie but television executives were surprised but the quality of it, leading it to be spun off into a 13 episode series. Series 3 began airing in April 2012.

Examples of Offspring include:
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