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Hey, check it out! The Fandom's Fanfic is suffering from Sturgeon's Law! Terrible spelling and grammar is everywhere, Mary Sues are making everyone OOC and Squicky pairings are being written! We should do something!

Except, what?

Why of course! Bring the fanfic writers who are causing this mess into the canon itself and teach them how to write proper fanfic!

First done by Camilla Sandman for Middle-Earth in 2002, now offsprings are spawning everywhere. Originally these fanfiction universities required Sandman's approval to become "official", but now you're fine writing one as long as you mention Miss Cam anywhere, and don't write a blatant ripoff.

Subsidiary of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum.


  • Fisher Kingdom: Any OFU for a world with nonhuman sentients will ask "race" on the entrance application. Any fanfic author who fills in "Elf" or "Vulcan" on the form will be transformed into a member of that race while in attendance.
  • Training From Hell: The usual educational program of an OFU
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