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A song that averts Ode to Intoxication, sometimes softly, sometimes far more harshly. These usually come in one of three forms:

The Deconstructed Ode to Intoxication Ode to Sobriety would be an Ode to Intoxication except the song is about the singer's (or writer's) near-death from an OD, an addiction he or she actually wants to escape or has gone into treatment for, about someone's suicide from alcohol and/or drugs, or about anything else that is about the less fun side of intoxication.

The Drugs Are Bad Ode to Sobriety is usually engaged in by Straight Edge bands or artists, though others can occasionally do it (a common instance with non Straight Edge artists is generally focused on a specific substance). As opposed to the ambivalent, bitter reflections of the Deconstructed Ode to Intoxication, it is simply Drugs Are Bad as a song. It's a condemnation/callout of a specific substance and/or its users, and/or of alcohol or drug use in general.

The Glad To Be Sober Ode to Sobriety results from an artist successfully overcoming an addiction or quitting an abusive pattern of alcohol or drug use -- and writing a song about how good being sober and free of said addiction is. It differs from the bitter Deconstructed Ode to Intoxication in that it's a Lighter and Softer topic (e.g. happiness about a drug-free life) as opposed to a Grimdark one (e.g. about almost dying from an OD) and from the Drugs Are Bad song in that it's not a rant about how bad drugs are.

Examples of Ode to Sobriety include:

Deconstructed Ode to Intoxication Ode to Sobriety

Drugs Are Bad Ode to Sobriety

Glad To Be Sober Ode to Sobriety


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