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Octopus Pie is a Slice of Life Web Comic written and drawn by Meredith Gran. It centers around the daily life of twentysomething Everest Ning (Eve for short), her stoner roommate Hanna, and their circle of friends. The story is set in modern-day Brooklyn, NY.

The stories mostly revolve around Eve's everyday life, dealing with her family's quirks, her roommate's bizarre antics, and trying to find romance, fulfillment, and a job that doesn't suck.

Tropes used in Octopus Pie include:

 Marek: But really, the deadpan is the key. You can essentially trick people into laughing at nothing.

Eve: Oh Marek, you card.

  • Cool Shades: Hanna's "douchebag shades".
  • Crystal Ball Scheduling: immediately after being forced to watch trailers for tacky Spring Break softcore, Eve sees a number of girls casually discussing their drunk partying and promiscuity, prompting Eve to comment:

 Eve: Jesus, did they follow us out of the TV? It's like The Ring except I don't get to die.

 Hanna: Everest? Her parents should be in jail.

 Eve: I'm so glad I'm borderline paranoid schizophrenic!

 Will: I don't remember a mob being part of this agreement!

Bert: With a temper like yours, I couldn't take my chances.

Will: TEMPER?! ...(beat)

    • Mor and Eve discuss...something.

 Mor: I'll tell you when we get there.

Eve: Tell me now.

Mor: N-no...I don't want to upset you.

Eve: (sweating and clenching teeth) You couldn't possibly upset me.

 Marek: As soon as we have the time, we ought to travel.

Hanna: Where do you want to go?

Marek: Anywhere with you, my love!

Hanna: Oh, honey.

Marek: Some place low-pressure.

Hanna: The top of Mt. Everest!

Marek: A place where we can just chill.

Hanna: The South Pole!

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