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Let's Plays

Amnesia the Dark Descent

  • In episode 22 of the Amnesia playthrough, Jesse somehow manages to fake out a monster in the funniest way possible.

Saints Row the Third


  • In episode 24 of the Terraria Let's Play, Jesse throws a bomb in a small space where both he and Total Biscuit are trapped. Total Biscuit lives.
    • Made even funnier due to the fact that they can't kill each other unless they change teams, but they don't even realize it yet.
  • In one episode of the Terraria Let's Play, Jesse steals Totalbiscuits Top Hat. Bad stuff occurred.
    • This was after Totalbiscuit had killed the high health top-hat wearing zombie. He and Jesse were killed and when they respawned, Totalbiscuit was complaining and Jesse was agreeing, all the while with Jesse wearing the Top Hat and carrying a torch.
      • I believe Totalbiscuit's response when he noticed was:


  • In another episode, a glitch had occurred and the previous episode was lost. Lets just say that many a Brick Joke happened.

 Jesse: AND FOR 14.99 you too can know what happened in that fateful episode.

Terraria - The Next World Generation

  • Episode 10 of Terraria: The Next World Generation has Jesse devolving into Angrish after TB shows that the fruits of their labor in the jungle (where he was constantly dying) happened to be 2 statues that don't do anything.
    • What makes this even funnier is that TB is laughing so hard that he--in his words here--can't breathe properly.
  • From Episode 30: "Fujimora Yachtsu", a pun so incredibly lame it left TotalBiscuit in physical pain.
    • Alternative names were LoLboat One, and Frankenboat Joe.
  • In Episode 34, TB and Jesse's death counts have been equal, until one point. At one point, while TB is putting items away, Jesse sneaks up to a sky island and aggros a Wyvern so it will kill TB. It worked... to some extent.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

  • Anytime he goes into a vocal rendition, such as saying "Diabeetus" when he sees a Horker.
  • The entirety of Episode 36, with Jesse's constant confused/scared reaction during the Sheogorath quest, and his frustration with the puzzles.
  • In Episode 48, while Jesse is 'sneaking' in the Thalmore Embassy, when he is in the court yard he is ambushed by a dragon! Not only that but soon not one but two more dragons appear as well, distracting the Thalmore

 Jesse: (Hears roar) Wait, was that a dragon?!

(Gets bathed in flames)

    • Earlier while he was headed for the Embassy, a dragon attacked him, while he was naked no less. Understandably he died almost instantly. On his second time he equipped as much armor he could (only some gauntlets) and charged the dragon... only for the dragon to One-Hit Kill him. The third time, after deciding to suit up at the nearby town, the dragon doesn't appear at all.
    • Even funnier, that dragon might have been one of the dragons that attacked the embassy.
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