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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is a Cartoon Network series created by Ian Jones-Quartey, formerly co-executive producer for Steven Universe, also known for his work on Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. Jones-Quartey even uses this series as the Grand Finale of his infamously abandoned RPG World webcomic in one episode.

Set in the year 201X, in a world populated entirely by the kind of characters you'd find in trading cards and old-school fighting games, a fierce battle rages on two sides of the road on Route 175: the villainous Box More, created by Lord Boxman to sell weapons to ne'er-do-wells, and the righteous Lakewood Plaza, a strip mall of ragtag heroes that combat Box More's petty schemes. Among the residents of Lakewood Plaza are the staff of the hero supply shop/convenience store Gar's Bodega: K.O., an energetic young boy determined to prove himself as the world's greatest hero, Radicles, an apathetic, narcissistic alien, and Enid, a levelheaded big sister-like employee.

Originally Lakewood Plaza Turbo, a short that premiered as one of Cartoon Network's minisodes, it was expanded into a series of shorts and an app game with the name now changed to OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.

The pilot, shorts, and series feature examples of:

  • Cast Full of Gay: The show has a very diverse cast of LGBT characters: Enid and Venomous are bisexual, Red Action is a lesbian, Boxman is pansexual, the Hue Troops are all LGBT+, Gregg is non-binary, Nick and Joff are a gay couple, and there are a number of Ambiguously Gay or Ambiguously Bi characters (such as Rad, Raymond, RMS, Brandon, Pastel, and Koala Princess.)
  • Cast of Snowflakes: This show has a little bit of everything in its cast. Humans, aliens, sentient food, anthropomorphic animals, robots, cyborgs, demons, angels, mutants...
  • Modesty Shorts: Teen Elodie wears brown shorts under her poofy skirt. Averted when she's a pre-teen, as her short bloomers are often exposed due to shortness of her skirt.
  • Panty Shot: As a pre-teen, Elodie wears short, poofy, white or pink bloomers with lace-trimming. They're always exposed due to her very short skirt.
  • Red Alert: Red lights flash and a klaxon sounds whenever Lord Boxman attacks the plaza.
  • World of Badass: More or less everyone in the show is a hero or villain.
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