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The mysterious figure from Hale's Emerald and Platinum runs is none other than Red.

By this, I mean the figure that talked to Steven before his battle with Hale, and shows up to taunt Cynthia in the Platinum prologue. Take a look, the evidence is all right there in the comic:

  • 1. Steven says that his eyes were opened when he and his "beloved entered Mt. Silver all those years ago." Guess who's in that location in the games.
  • 2. Take a look while Mysterious Figure is talking to Cynthia. We get a closer look at his outfit's color scheme in the fourth panel. Who else in the games wears that outfit? Nobody.
  • 3. The final run Hale does will be HGSS. The ultimate boss in that games is Red, as you know. Naturally, it makes sense that he would make the fight that much more epic.

Oh, also, an added theory to this: since Hale sent his Pokemon to Johto, it makes sense that, whoever the protagonist of the final runs is, they'll use some of those Pokemon in the fight against Mysterious Figure. Maybe even some Pokemon from all four runs, just to give it a sense of coming full circle.

  • This troper would like the propose that HGSS will not be the last one, but the second to last. The final run will be the inevitable third version of Gen V. An overlying theme of Hale's run seems to be the very nature of fictional characters and how they would react if they knew that their existence for all intents and purposes ended at the press of a button or the closing of a book cover. It is clear that Steven, Cynthia, and Red are all aware of the nature of their existence, but how did Red originally discover it? What better way than for one of the creators of their world, specifically Shigeki Morimoto, to tell him. I believe Morimoto will be the true Big Bad, with Red taking up the role as his Dragon. Especially if Cynthia's talk in BW about gathering the previous champions comes to fruition in the third version.
    • Unlikely, since Hale stated his series would be a quadrilogy and had his storyline planned out before Black and White's release. If that does happen then it'd be the result of a quick rewrite.

At the end of the main series' final season, Celebi will reunite Ruby and Bruce

It probably won't be a part of the actual LP, but hey, gotta end it on a happy note.

When Ruby battles Lance at the end, his final Pokémon will be Bruce.

In the first strip of the newest season, the first thing Ruby says upon looking around his new surroundings is "Bruce?" Upon encountering him in Lance's possession, Bruce, having aged another forty years and nearing the end of his natural life, could well have no memory left of Ruby, and Ruby will have the option to mercy-kill him or concede. Bruce will remember Ruby in his final moments and die happy.

  • Whoops, guess not! Turns out this season is based on White, not Gold or HeartGold like I thought it was when I came up with this. Never mind :P

Ruby will pick Oshawott as his Unova starter

We had the Grass type Treeco for the Ruby run, then the Fire type Charmander for the Firered run. Why not?

  • Based on this piece of artwork (which features Snivy next to Cheren,) this would be confirmed.
  • Confirmed. Much to Ruby's chagrin.

Bruce will become a Human Popsicle thanks to Kyurem.

Once the Nuzlocke Challenge ends, the "rules" will be lifted, and out-of-universe Ruby will migrate Bruce from FireRed to a Gen IV game, then to White. In-universe Ruby will find Bruce frozen in the Giant Chasm, and after a tearful reunion, will team up with Bruce to destroy Kyurem.

Ruby will catch a Yamask.

And it'll either be seriously depressed or completely laid-back.

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