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Now and Then Here and There

Lala Ru is Tlaloc

She is a being in mass control of water. She is apathetic to humans because they never appreciated her properly; she does not think that thank you is an appropriate show of gratitude. She is clearly not human and, popular opinion has it that she is a hideous monster. Is this an exagerration of a being who would not do as people wished, or is it a reference to "her" true appearance? Check him out, yo. People killing themselves over her could be because they want her for different purposes, or because they fought over whether or not to hand over the child sacrifices required by her to keep her strength. At the end of the series, Lala Ru unleashes a fury of water all over the world, sacrificing herself. Or does she? Most of the inhabitants of Hellywood were children, the sacrifice needed by Tlaloc in order to not lose strength. Instead of dying at the end, Lala Ru/Tlaloc instead uses her/his new strength to again become a god. This time, now that humanity knows what it is like to be nearly without water, they will be a little more willing to give the gratitude she/he truly desires...

...Did I just make Now and Then Here and There darker?

King Hamdo was actually a Well-Intentioned Extremist at one time.

It would explain why Lady Abelia seemed to care about him and why Hamdo claimed that his regime would bring peace. It's just that he jumped off the slippery slope with a Moral Event Horizon. He was eventually driven insane by everything and could have actually forgotten what his original goals were.

Now and Then, Here and There is a prequel to Gurren Lagann

Hellywood's actual enemies remain unseen in battle. King Hamdo and Hellywood represent humanity's last stand against the emerging forces of the Spiral King and the Beastmen in this barren, desert world. The hopelessness of the fight has driven King Hamdo insane, fueling his belief he is the savior of the world. As he feels he is mankind's messiah, he feels entitled to force any remaining humans into his service in the fight against Lordgenome. The fall of Hellywood represents the loss of the last stand for humanity, if it could even be considered that after Hamdo's loss of sanity. The mechas used by Hamdo's army even resemble Gunmen!

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