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As noted below, this is a page of places that references to the original TV Tropes Wiki can or could be found in pop culture and other sources as of June 2012. It is maintained here on All The Tropes as a historical record. To record similar appearances by All The Tropes in the memesphere, go to this page.

— The Mgmt.

"Oh my god! TV Tropes used one of my quotes!"

It's no surprise that the TV Tropes Wiki is the most popular website on the Internet, and, equally, it's no surprise that other webpages want to give us a Shout-Out, or that we would want to return the favor by shouting back to the pages that reference us.

Also see TV Tropes in Other Wikis, Weirdest Inbound Link of the Day, One of Us.

Fan Fic

Printed Media, Blogs, and other Publications

 A visit to TVT&I will teach you three things: (1) originality is dead, (2) no one misses it, and (3) you’ve just blown six hours.

 This song is just awful, so much so that TV Tropes, which is run by people who like everything, lists this scene as Repo's Dethroning Moment of Suck.

  • Here's a thing from io9, a great online 'zine for all things SFnal and cool.
  • Dragonfree lovingly peppers her movie reviews with links to tropes that pop up in the Pokemon films.
  • The LA Times had a look at us.
  • Know Your Meme used this site to confirm if Youtube Poop was a meme. It's not just YTP, though. There are at least five other articles that have mentioned or linked back to this wiki.
  • Arcade, Stanford University's salon magazine, has a write-up about us.
  • Major online newspaper has reference not once, not twice, not thrice, but a bunch of times:
  • Fanfiction author Shadow Crystal Mage makes constant references to tropes by name, and admits outright that his goal is to be referenced on as many pages as possible.
  • Amazing Ben has referenced this site in some of his articles.
  • The site received an entry in the 2011 edition of Schott's Almanac, a catalogue of recent events, trends and phenomena, along with a list of some of the tropes present here.
  • The Febuary 2011 issue of Maximum PC includes this site on a list of 101 websites everyone should see once.
  • Wired's Geekdad recommends TVTropes to keep kids reading over the summer.
  • The "distributed recommendation system" Skipforward provides a linked-data wrapper for TVTropes called DBTropes. Among other things, it provides a machine-readable interface to the wiki.
  • Ralph Keyes mentions TV Tropes in the bibliography of his book Euphemania--though there's no mention in the main text.
  • In this article in The Guardian on fanfiction, there's a direct reference to the trope Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls.
  • The Macintosh Garden page for Lexi-Cross includes the game description from TVTropes.
  • Nintendo Gamer Issue 76 references Contractual Boss Immunity in an article on boss battles.

Tabletop Games

  • Changeling: The Lost, in the sourcebook Swords at Dawn, details Talecrafting, a way Changelings can tweak fate to force life to follow story conventions, such as the Rule of Three, the Evil Stepmother, or the elderly mentor. Guess what site they reference as a good place to find inspiration?

Video Games

  "You can't focus your attention on working, or on much of anything, so you turn to the nuclear solution of boredom: the Tome of Tropes. It's a giant book that explains and gives clever names to all of the recurring themes in literature, popular culture, and even real life. There are two things about the book that make it purest evil: the first is that anyone can add to it, so it's always changing and growing larger. The second is that every entry contains several references to other cleverly-named tropes, and touching one of those names sends you to an explanation of that trope's name, complete with references to other tropes... and at some point you look up and see you're eight years older than when you started."

  • One of the Minecraft title blurbs reads: "Less addictive than TV Tropes!"


  "The Templars are winning in the modern portion of the games because they finally have access to a certain website and thus can avoid embarrassing situations like the one illustrated in today's comic. That and they presumably outlawed hay."

    • When Erin went to visit her therapist in this strip he references several tropes to explain her mental problems. She accuses him of not being a real doctor and then the audience sees he has TVTropes open with "goatfuck crazy" in the search engine.

  "Alright, Miss Stout. From what you've told me you have a severe case of... hold on... Sanity Slippage, which is an Ambiguous Disorder caused by... huh... You're now what we technically call a 'cuckoolander'."

    • After Erin takes Kratos' (from God of War) advice and try to destroy her friend's Xbox 360 and almost seriously harming another in the process, she gets thrown out of their house. She then decides to get drunk, and comments that "This is going to look terrible on my TV Tropes page."
  • Johnathan Grey Carter, the writer of Critical Miss is pleased that it has a page:

 One of our readers, some might say our best reader, has started a Critical Miss TV Tropes page! I've always wanted my own TV Tropes page. So much so I even considered starting my own. But that'd be kind of like like signing your own yearbook, or masturbating in public. It's just not done. Whoever started the page may step forward and receive a moderate amount of praise and adulation.

  • On the Ears for Elves links bar, our page is the first entry in "extras". We are also now the official character sheet, being the link under "about", though the original page (which our content is heavily based off) is still there if you know the URL. These links account for the main page having >800 inbounds and the character page having 150, despite the main page only having 50 wicks, as of the 3rd of June 2012.

Web Original

 We all knew this day would come. *Fred himself* has opened the door to the TV Tropes Abyss.

  • clears schedule for rest of day*


  1. Which is understandable, considering how many tropes are pulled off, lampeshaded and Zig Zagged in Homestuck.
  2. Part 2, to be specific.
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