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As we're just starting out, All The Tropes is nowhere near as omnipresent as that Other Tropes Wiki. But we've got big hopes and even bigger dreams, and we're pretty sure that sooner or later someone -- maybe lots of someones -- will want to give us a Shout-Out. Naturally, we'll want to trumpet how cool and famous we are under the guise of being good netizens and returning the favor by shouting back to the pages that reference us. That's what this page is for.

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Web Original

  • Within days of All The Tropes' appearance on the web, Encyclopedia Dramatica noticed us. And said such lovely things, too.
  • The Project After forums acknowledged our existence, mostly to express revulsion that we host pages on certain works cut by TV Tropes. However, when an administrator from this website decided to engage them in a civil exchange of views concerning troping and decided to answer any of their questions, they made some excellent points about why TV Tropes had fallen from grace and gave some very persuasive arguments and suggestions concerning how this website could do better by contrast, which that administrator decided to take under advisement in regards to ATT policy.
  • On Something Awful's fifth TV Tropes mock thread, this wiki was mentioned. They of course mocked us as being a haven for pedophiles and perverts like they do TVT with little to no justification aside from taking a few things out of context. Ironically, they had an actual convicted child molester on their moderation staff for five years (among other messed up people as documented by the trolling community), so it's hilarious they could accuse other sites for harboring pedophiles and perverts.
  • We have been mentioned on the Anime Boobs wiki, as they use a copy of the Breasts In Anime and Manga chart, and it's noted that the original page is now located on the Tropes Mirror Wiki and this wiki since it was censored off TV Tropes.
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