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Fridge Brilliance

  • Given that Omega Zellette's avatar was a hand-me-down from her brother, whether it actually looks like her real life self or not may be called into question. However, if Omega Zell was trying to make a female version of himself during the creation of the avatar, it wouldn't be that outlandish for it to end up looking like his sister.
  • There may be a good reason the Justice guild top group has a preemptive healer / barrier warrior instead of a DPSer : it makes the position open for Omega Zell who happens to want to join them and is part of the guild as of Episode 6 of Season 4.
  • Penelope, Saphir's real name. The most well-known character with that name keeps refusing suitors while Saphir is constantly rejecting candidates that all happen to be male. Curiously, Ystos, the only member of her team that is 100% sure to be younger than her, is never far each time she's actually seen interviewing someone.

Fridge Logic

  • For someone set on joining the Justice guild and a real-life reporter, how could Omega Zell not know that a woman is taking care of admissions and part of the main roster, that their top healer is in his late teens, or at least their in-game names ? May even lapse into In-Universe Critical Research Failure when he would have known that the tennisman he was going to interview could be Sparadrap just by having looked up Ystos's real name (which must not be hard to find) at some point. May enventually be explained by his obsession with Fantöm, but he has no good reason to have researched only him, especially if he was hoping to work by his side.
  • While Justice guild asks its players to play the game full-time, Ystos is still going to high school in Season 2, is seen doing a couple of activities that are not playing Horizon in Season 3 and he even finds time to have a second character in Season 4. The Season 3 premiere occurrence however has him mention he's meeting with the Justice guild in less than half an hour and fall asleep soon after starting to read his comic.
  • Season 2 had a gag during which Omega Zell accidentally insults Ystos, implicitly assuming he's a low-level player. A few episodes earlier, he was eavesdropping on Saphir's interviews and Ystos was right next to her all that time, which should have made Omega Zell pick up he was part of Justice Guild.

Fridge Horror

  • The possible link between the questions Valentin asked Ivy (if she's an actual girl, her age, if he has a webcam) and the fact that he was in jail until recently.
  • One can also wonder how far Master Zen went while keeping Nazetrimé locked in her own house.
  • One of Omega Zell's first lines sums up the idea quite well : "Someone died because of [Sparadrap].". In other words, Master Zen got mad enough to throw his computer out the window because of something Sparadrap did, so who's really responsible for that old lady's death is something one may not want to think about for too long. That would also mean that Arhtéon, Omega Zell and Gaea are keeping a quite dark secret... because they need a healer.
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