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Since Most Writers Are Human, most humanoid inter-species crossbreeds are Half Human Hybrids. However, sometimes this is averted, and a halfbreed has no homo sapiens in their family tree.

Like its sibling trope, it may lead to Heinz Hybrids if the halfbreed in question isn't a dead-end of the family tree.

Examples of Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrid include:

Anime & Manga

  • The Monstrels of the Rosario to Vampire manga are hybrids of two monsters, and are therefore the most common type of monster. Ability-wise, they can have anything from limb weapons to a hypnotic serum that they can inject.
  • Urd of Ah! My Goddess is half-god, half-demon.


  • Garona Halforcen from Warcraft (but not WoW). She was originally depicted as a half Orc half Human but it is revealed in the comic that she is really half Orc half Draenei.
    • Well, to be specific, originally it was left vague as to exactly what the other "half" was, as she was from a different planet. The best guess was "human, or something near-human."

Comic Books

  • Elf Quest has two half elves.
    • Timmorn Yellow-Eyes was the son of a shape-shifted High One (elf) and a wolf. The conflicting instincts of "immortal shapeshifter" and "mortal being with no concept of past or future" in his heritage nearly drove him mad. [1]
    • Two-Edge was half troll. His mother Winnowill systematically broke his mind, to the point that he was so conflicted about his species that he staged a war between elves and trolls to decide it.
  • Marvel Comics has Hulkling. He's the child of Captain Marvel (a Kree) and a Skrull princess.
  • Also from Marvel, Troll of the Thunderbolts, who's half-troll and half-Asgardian.


Live Action TV

  • In the TNG episode Birthright, Worf comes across a Romulan POW camp with Klingon survivors of the Romulan's surprise attack on Khitomer. One of the younger Klingons, Ba'el, is half-Romulan.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had Tora Ziyal, whose parents were Cardassian and Bajoran. Since this was a strong taboo, her father initially planned to kill her to protect his career (and thus, ostensibly, the rest of his fully Cardassian family).
  • T'Pol was planned to be revealed as half-Romulan in the fifth season of Enterprise. Of course, Romulans are just Vulcans with some inexplicable genetic differences (no psychic powers, head ridges...)
    • The Vulcan telepathic powers in the Trek universe are usually described as the result of a lifetime of training which the Romulans abandonned when they split off--a Romulan under the same training regimen could develop the same abilities. The head ridges in this case could simply be a racial or ethnic distinction rather than a true sign of speciation. A Vulcan/Romulan hybrid may therefore be no more remarkable genetically than a black/white hybrid among humans.

Tabletop Games

  • The Big Bad in one of the early Role Aids supplements for 1st Edition AD&D was an orc/dwarf hybrid, and the byblow of a dare, an orcish tavern wench, and an extremely intoxicated dwarf prince.
    • Heavily intoxicated for a DWARF? My...
  • Gully Dwarves of Dragonlance are the descendants of Dwarves and Gnomes. Seeing the results, Dwarves and Gnomes swore to NEVER BREED AGAIN! ON PAIN OF DEATH!! Sadly, Gully Dwarves by then had grown to sufficient numbers that they were a viable species.
  • Magic: The Gathering has Gaea's Skyfolk. An Elf/Merfolk cross. And Razorfin Hunter, a Goblin/Merfolk cross.

Video Games

  • The Holberker in The Dark Eye are a very minor fringe race originating from otherwise unheard of crossbreeding between elves and orcs.
  • Warcraft has Rexxar, half-orc half-Ogre who was the star of the bonus campaign in WCIII.
  • World of Warcraft itself has Lantresor, a more minor half-Orc half-Draenei character, and a whole village of half-Ogre half-Orcs including Rexxar's father, Leoroxx (Rexxar's mother is full orc, while Leoroxx isn't).
    • Retcons made several years ago have made Garona Halforcen into a half-Orc and half-Draenei.
  • Gaia Online has the Gimpi evolving item, the result of a Devil Imp Potion and an Angel Imp Potion getting mixed.
  • Creatures 2 and 3 feature a Gene Splicer machine to make your own hybrids. In a likely case of Shown Their Work, C2 hybrids tend to be unviable.

Visual Novel

  • Lisianthus of Shuffle is half Goddess and half Demon.

Western Animation

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