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Well, he's a seiyuu born in Tokyo in 1986. Nobuhiko Okamoto is most known for his Star-Making Role as Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu no Index, in which he not only won the Best New Actor Award in the Third Seiyuu Awards, he also went on to win the award for Best Supporting Actor in the Fifth Seiyuu Awards.

He's worked with Yuu Kobayashi and Mariya Ise at least twice. Ditto with Ayumi Fujimura. What's front-and-center, however, is that he seems to have developed a (friendly) rivalry with Atsushi Abe as they've prominently faced-off in at least three series' to date. His typecast seems to lie within The Stoic or Casanova type roles pending on the type of series he is in. Also Keiji Fujiwara seems to be a father figure in some roles.

Notable roles:

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