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Describe No, You here.

Your face is describing No, You here!

The act of replying to an insult by simply saying "No, you!" or something similar, meaning that said insult applied more to the person giving it than the person receiving it.

Omnipresent in schools, especially middle to high schools.

On the internet (where it's invariably written as "NO U" and frequently accompanied by an Image Macro of an Asian man pointing and shouting), it is used as a sarcastic way of pointing out that a Troll's comments apply more to himself and is therefore a Hypocrite and idiot (i.e. to troll trolls). It may also be done by people who particularly don't care for the person's attempt in riling them up and use "NO U" as a sarcastic retort to the taunting.

Similar comebacks:

  • "I know you are, but what am I?"
  • The childhood classic, "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!"
  • "You are the one who is X!" and its variant, "It is you who is X!"
  • "Your Mom/Your face/Your ass is X!"

See also You!. Lame Comeback, I Will Show You X and Verb This.

Examples of No, You include:

Anime and Manga

  • Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta, during the losing half of his fight with Android 18:

 Vegeta: You should be impressed. Very few are willing to train as intensely as I have for this kind of power!

Android 18: How sad, to work so hard...for so little.

Vegeta: Sad FOR YOU!


  • Scott Pilgrim aspires to this trope. Unfortunately, his comebacks are generally even lamer.


Live Action TV

  • Whilst in Africa for an epic road trip, the Top Gear boys put on some local clothing to protect themselves from the dust, and mockery ensues:

 May: [to Hammond] You look like a gay cowboy and [to Clarkson] you look like a gay terrorist.

Clarkson: No, you look like a terrorist with a broken windscreen wiper and your face is ridiculous.

  • Doctor Who, "The War Games": When the animosity The War Chief and the Security Chief finally comes to a head, the War Chief confronts the other and makes a speech ending with "What a stupid fool you are." The Security Chief responds by playing a recording that proves the War Chief has committed treason, and makes a speech (in his strange line delivery) ending with "What! A stupid! Foooool YOU are!"


  • "The Dumb Song" by Psychostick "Hey Murph, yer dumb!" "No yer dumb!" "No yer dumb!"...
  • The parody song "Metal By Numbers" has a dad and son arguing in the video, with the line "You're the news!".


 Viscount De Valvert: Base scoundrel! Rascally flat-footed lout!

Cyrano: (taking off his hat, and bowing as if the viscount had introduced himself) Ah? And I, Cyrano Savinien Hercule de Bergerac.

  • In Drood one character responds to "You're next to an idiot!" with "Why, so I am, pleased to meet you!"

Video Games

 Saddler: Perhaps you are disillusioned with overconfidence just because you killed my small-time subordinate?

Leon: Saddler... you're small-time.

 Rasputin: No,you will bite ME.

 Blue: This river's gonna turn red with your blood!

Guy: How interesting... but it's going to be your blood, not mine!

 Rick: Yeah? Well fuck you.

Dr. West: No, Rick. Fuck you.

 Byrne: His {{[[[Big Bad]] Malladus}}'s] resurrection will soon be complete... And I can't let you cause any more harm.

Zelda: Hey, that's what we were going to say! Well... Maybe WE won't let YOU cause any more harm!

 Desmond: {In a Joisey accent) Hey wassa-matta-you, Altaïr?

Rebecca: That's racist.

Desmond: YOU'RE racist![1]

 Snow: Lightning, STOP IT!

Lightning: No, YOU stop it! Get out of my house!

 Shepard: You need help.

Niftu Cal: YOU need help! You stand before the mightiest biotic ever!

Web Animation, Web Comics and Web Original

 Marik: Hey, shut up [Melvin], you don't know anything about me!

Bakura: Marik, he IS you.

Marik: He is the gay one!

Bakura: Marik, HE'S YOU!

Marik: ...He is the gay one!

 BM: What did you think I meant every time I said I was going to burn the world?

RM: Who cares?

Thief: Yeah, you're a wiener. You couldn't burn a match.

BM: Yeah, well... Your face... is ugly... Shut up!

 Poggle the Lesser: You are sentenced to death by firing squad.

Padmé: No, you're sentenced to death by firing squad!

Poggle the Lesser: No, actually you are.

Padmé: The defence rests.

 Bobeyes: OGEE! That was! Mine! You! What! Why?! OGEE!

City Face: Look, there is plenty left, strange shouty magpie, you can have some it is really quite good!

Bobeyes: No! You!

 Wash: You have to be the most immature soldiers I've ever met!

Griff: Your face is immature.

 Troy: Grapefruits are bullshit!


Western Animation

 Protestor: Benders like this girl only use their power to oppress us!

Korra: What? I'm not oppressing anyone! You're--You're oppressing yourselves!

Protestor: That didn't even make sense!

    • In "The Spirit of Competition", an unhappy Bolin gets one, but he has the excuse of being "drunk" on his Comfort Food:

 Mako: I told you that dating a teammate was a bad idea.

Bolin: You're a bad idea!

 Brit: I'll take a pack of fags.

Randal: You're a fag!

Brit: It's a cigarette, mate.

Randal: I'm not your mate, fag!

Dante: No, Randal; "fag" means "cigarette."

Randal: You're a cigarette!

    • Also used in the first episode:

 News Reporter:...a question being asked by the poorly educated, with fingers far from the pulse of the community.

Randal: You're poorly educated!

Dante: You're talking to the television.

  • South Park has done this at least twice:
    • Episode 508, "Towelie": "You're a towel!"
      • "No, I'm a major executive at a publishing company telling you that your book has no chance of being published. You're a towel."
    • Episode 808, "Douche and Turd":

 Giant Douche: ...look at my opponent. He is a turd sandwich.

Turd Sandwich: You're a turd sandwich.

    • Episode 708, "South Park is Gay"

 Craig: HA! Told you you guys were straight!

Cartman: We're not straight! You're straight!

Jason, Craig, Tweek, Token: You're straight!

Cartman: You're straight like a freeway!

Mr. Garrison: What the hell is going on??

Cartman: You wish you were gay, Craig! In your dreams!!

Craig: I'm not just gay, I'm a catamite.

Cartman: ...So? I'm half bisexual!

Mr. Garrison: Oh, stop it!! You kids don't even know what you're talking about!! Eric, you're not half-bi!!

Cartman: I'm like, a quarter-bi. My grandpa was bi, so that makes me quarter-bi.

Mr. Garrison: WHAT??

 Suzie: I thought you said you felt like a pizza!

Stanley: Yeah? Well you look like a pizza!

  • From The Simpsons: "You're a bread compartment!"
    • "You're gay for Moleman." Of course, no one is gay for Moleman.
    • "Lemon of Troy"

 Bart: Hey! Stop talking bad about my town, man.

Shelby: Why don't you make me?

Bart: I don't make trash, I burn it.

Shelby: Then I guess you're a garbage man.

Bart: Well, I know you are, but what am I?

Shelby: A garbage man.

Bart: I know you are, but what am I?

Shelby: A garbage man.

Bart: I know you are, but what am I?

Shelby: A garbage man.

Bart: Takes one to know one!

Database: Checkmate!

    • In Screaming Yellow Honkers, when Bart is dancing around wearing a frozen chicken for pants:

 Lisa: Bart, that's tonight's dinner!

Bart: You're tonight's dinner!

Lisa: Mom! Bart took what I said and turned it into an insult!

 Ron: Wait, wait, wait! Wrestling is more than two guys beating on each other! It's also a war of words.

Pain King: You are going down!

Steel Toe: No, you're going down!

Pain King: No, you're going down!

Steel Toe: No, you're going down!

Kim: Yeah, they're poets.

    • A much more serious version appears at the climax of The Movie, when Kim has been pushed too far to bother with her usual banter with her nemesis:

 Kim: You know what I really hate?

Shego: That your date melted?

Kim: Nah. You.

(Kim kicks Shego into a signal tower.)

  • In Justice League's first season, the team finally manages to bring down Luthor once and for all by pulling a sting using the Martian Manhunter's shapeshifting abilities. After the ruse is revealed and the evidence has been gathered, Manhunter remarks "It's the end of an era," to which Luthor replies "The end of your era, maybe" before attempting to kill them.
  • Regular Show, when the two are pretending to be astronauts.

 Moredecai: Dude, quit it, you're gonna break it!

Rigby: No, you're gonna break it!

  Candace: *trying to hack into the Fireside Girls website* You have exceeded your log in attempts? No, you've exceeded YOUR log in attempts!

  • Infamously from the American street fighter cartoon.

 Fei Long: Look at you! You've neglected you're training, and turned against all of your friends!

Ken: And YOU! <deep breath> You're a loser!

 Howard: Betty a thief?! That's an absurd proposition!




  1. At this point they'd been hiding in the Assassin Sanctuary for weeks, not allowed to go outside for more than 10 minutes, and they were starting to get a little crazy.
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