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When another character does something that she thinks will upset the main character, but it actually resolves a problem that the main character has.

Can be used to help separate the protagonist from his Temporary Love Interest. See also It's Not You, It's Me. Often part of a Trick Twist ending, and often leads to a Milholland Relationship Moment.

Examples of No, Really, It's Okay include:
  • Jerry Seinfeld is stuck in a relationship with a gymnast that he doesn't want to be in, but he feels bad about breaking it off. She dumps him, and asks him if he's upset. He's fine. Are you sure? "No, Really, It's Okay."
  • The Weekenders, "Tish's Hair": Tish has been wearing a very ugly (to the gang) hairstyle, and the gang are perplexed on how to confront her on the issue. In the final scene, just about everyone is wearing that hairstyle, but they're surprised to see Tish not wearing it. Problem solved.
  • Mighty Max: Aliens are invading. Turns out, they want the raw resources needed for starship fuel... which just happens to be found in our nuclear and toxic waste. Humanity can't wait to give it away.
  • In the crossover episode of Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life On Deck, Justin wants to dump London, but she dumps him for not being a very smart doctor (given that she's a world class Asian Airhead and he's not actually a doctor....) He's okay with that as a solution.
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