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The Internet has time and time again proven that animated shorts, series and films made for the web can be just as nightmare-inducing as their counterparts in other media. Below are some of the creepiest, most unsettling, and outright most terrifying animations made just for the net.

Happy Tree Friends has its own sub-page.

NOTE: Tropers are naturally curious. Having them stumble into links which scar them for life is not to everyone's tastes. Merely adding a link without a description is not enough for an example. Remember, even a description of what's behind the link covered up with spoiler tags is still scary on it's own.

  • Psychosis is a short animated clip which used to be played on MTV a long time ago. Majorly freaky.
  • Diemos is an animation about a man seeking the ultimate horror. He is contacted in his sleep by an entity that will give him this experience, in return for his legs. And other parts. And it is the single most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life, not least of all because you're the one who makes the choices for him.
    • YMMV. This troper found it to be quite narmy due to poor voice acting and writing.
    • While not finding it scary, this troper has to agree with the creator's idea of the ultimate horror.
  • Broken Saints is loaded with this, but the best example: Chapter 22, Act 2. There WILL be nightmares.
    • Also, Chapter 17 Act 1.
    • The Wizard Of Oz-themed opening to Chapter 20. "We're off to see the Wizard / the Wonderful Wizard of--" OH MY SWEET FUCKING BAJEZUS!!
    • The Vagrant.
    • Half the things depicted in the dream or dream-like sequences.
  • The Homestar Runner universe gives us the Fluffy Puff Marshmallows mascot Marshie. Intentionally modeled after unintentionally frightening stuff meant for kids. Your Mileage May Vary, but some have said it does the job. Also...

 Strong Bad: ...Fluffy Puff Red-flavored Desert Related Substance!

Rated NC-17: Needlessly Creepy times 17.

Fluffy Puff Marshmallow (made of red gelatin with a visible brain floating in the middle): I'm an abomination! And I'm coming to your house after schoooool!

  • From the people who brought you Charlie the Unicorn, there's this unholy thing.
    • If you think that's bad, you haven't seen Mr. Happy Face. Sweet dreams!
  • You cannot comprehend the true horror of Ronald McGigyas...
  • Happy Tree Friends has Can't Stop Coffin to harm our sleep. It's possibly the most disturbing episode of that show.
    • Class Act when Toothy starts crying.
    • Petunia's death in Hello Dolly.
    • The episode Without A Hitch, due to the fact that the episode centres around Flaky's paranoid thoughts that Flippy's going to kill her, and possible methods of doing so are played out in her mind.
  • Saladfingers. Just... Saladfingers. Read the page on it if you dare. The fact that most of the music is done by Aphex Twin (of "Rubber Johnny" fame; see here for more on that) and fits the tone perfectly should be your first clue that you're in for a freakfest.
    • David Firth, creator of Saladfingers, also did a claymation video with the subject "Hell". It starts of as a fascinating use of stopmotion/claymation, but as the video goes on... well... claymation has never been so disturbing. The second time I viewed it -with the sound turned up a bit more- I had to switch it off after a while: some things are not meant to be heard. I remember that the video was quite hard to find back in the day on Firth's site, and there were plenty of disclaimers before starting the video. David Firth is decidedly not a liar when he goes as far as to put a disclaimer on his work.
      • Firth's Jerry Jackson cartoons are usually just a bunch of silly So Bad It's Good, but his JJ cartoon "Life & Death" gets downright creepy with its random warbling keyboard BGM and casual violence.
  • Charlie the Unicorn. "Shun the nonbeliever! SHUUUUN!"
    • Just those two unicorns in general. Brr..
    • "Goodbye Charlie... Yeah, goodbye Charlie..."
  • Despite being a site focused mostly on weird animals, horror, and monsters, Bogleech's cartoons are typically very lighthearted. However, Ants and Abyssal could be considered a pure strain of this.
  • Van Sowerwine. That is all.
  • This SonicTheHedgehog parody You'll never see him the same way again. Also, the creator's Deviant ART gallery has some pretty creepy stuff in it to.
    • I'd like to mention that the creator of that parody was none other than WalrusGuy? ....soooo, yeah.
    • Being the idiot this troper is, he gave in to the Schmuck Bait and clicked on the link, his computer then started to go into a virus scan. My computer probably saved me from heavy mental scarring :)
  • Alfred's Playhouse. A dog with repressed memories of sexual abuse. And serious scarred for life warnings.
    • Alfred's Playhouse is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. I don't know why, but it just really bothers me on a deep level.
      • Probably because it's genuine.
    • It's pretty great, but there are a couple genuinely frightening moments in the "popsicle" scene and all of Part 2 (also qualifies as Squick). Here's an antidote.
      • The cure is worse than the disease!
    • I laughed... I guess YMMV...
      • But I hadn't seen all parts of it yet... Gosh...
  • This YTMND meme.
    • I ain't scared of no damned baboon.
    • After looking at that for a while, try this.
    • But then this nice little video will make it much less scary.
      • Ok, we've seen the top link far too many times for our curiosities to be able to take it. Not to mention the other links are itching away at my curiosity a dangerously large amount. If anyone could spoiler tag a synopsis of each of them, you'll have saved us a lot of curiosity. Though then again...
      • Okay, your synopses: The first is a baboon with glowing red eyes staring in the kitchen window. The second is the same baboon, right in front of you.
      • The third is a foolproof method for getting rid of the baboon! The baboon stares in the window. The captioning recommends turning off the lights to make the baboon go away! After the lights go out, the glowing eyes stay there for a few seconds in the dark, then vanish... then there's a lightning flash, and now the baboon is inside.
  • Behold, the Youtube page bearing the Number of the Beast...
    • That same Youtube user (uh, the one who made the video, NOT 666) has quite a lot of creepy stuff to offer, a lot of it, like "none", combining pretty neatly with Mind Screw.
      • She has recently made videos of ant farms. This was done after she visited an abandoned house and took with her a bloody doll with what looked like intestines hanging from her body. The contrast makes it even creepier and also the fact that THAT DOLL is present in all of those videos. What did that doll do to her???
  • "Now that's what I call a BONE-r!"
  • "The Ultimate Washing Powder! Polsupah!"
  • Here's a HOSUE. Don't watch this if you want to sleep tonight.
  • VG Flash is an adorable little series about two cute little creatures in the world of video games. How could that be scary? Welcome to The Penitent. You may never eat shrimp again.
  • Spoilsbury Toast Boy is particularly full of this in all of its Mind Screw-y glory, especially during Toast Boy's freak outs, nightmares, and hallucinations. To give you a bit of perspective, this was made by the same guy who created Saladfingers. Especially bad if you have a phobia of insects.
  • (sorry if someone already put this on here, I didn't dare to read the above examples) When viewed through the perspective of a normal human being who has NOT been subjected to several years of brutal psychological torture, almost every single part of Rejected is fucking terrifying. Especially the ending…
  • Let's Make a New Friend (WARNING: flashing lights at that link). It's also known as agamemnon counterpart. It's basically what would happen if Giygas made a kids show. This Troper finds it rather funny.
  • The animation Suicide Mouse, based on an old creepypasta about a lost Disney cartoon so disturbing it made an employee commit suicide after watching the last two minutes. It first showed up on the /x/ (paranormal) board at Four Chan, and is basically a long loop of Mickey Mouse walking down the street, badly animated in Hyper Card with forlorn music. Then it cuts to black, and when it comes back the music is replaced by creepy sound effects and a woman screaming while the background goes berserk.
    • And then, along came a friendly, hyperactive user called kitty0706, who gave us a hilarious metric ton of Nightmare Retardant in the form of "The Gmod Suicide Mouse Survival Guide", which gave us a whole list of ways to make the video "A tad funnier". And it works, especially the last one - "This video is fake and so are you, BLAAARGH!"
  • Many things made by YouTube user ChrisLyons3000 (formerly MrChriddof) aim for this.
  • Russian flash animation Selva [(], from Art-hur, based on the Slavic Mythology, with beautiful art and music from the russian group Theodor Bastard, is pretty scary from the begining, but in the end... DEAR GOD.
  • In a similar vein to the above, Objectionable Apparatus 2 by Kol-Belov, is pretty horrific, specially if you agree with it's message. Oh, and NSFW.
    • Speaking of Kol, his whole Kollaps project qualifies (again, with music by Theodor Bastard in some cases). This troper's personal preference (by a huge margin) is Voyeur School. You're welcome. NSFW, I guess (not that this would be of any surprise by now).
  • No mention of Neurotically Yours's Maid of Horror? (Warning: NSFW) This animation starts off promising enough, but the ending was so horrifying, the creator took it down.
  • Crooked (Orcus) Rot is a stop-action video made by David Firth, the mind behind Salad Fingers. The video is a frightening collection of mannequin heads exchanging brain fluid, powering lightbulbs and skating around on wheels protruding from the neck.
  • The Justin Bieber Show. "No matter how much you scrub, you'll never be clean, Justin! NEVER BE CLEAN, JUSTIN!!"
    • "Oh, you guys!"
    • Chuck's New Tux is eight times more horrifying than "The Justin Bieber Show." (WARNING: There is some disturbing cartoon gore at the end.)
  • Remember that wonderful little "Red Riding Hood" that you read when you were young? Newgrounds decided to fuck. It. UP.
  • Usually, those wacky YouTube machinima clips people make with Team Fortress 2 are silly in their absurdity. Then there's stuff like THIS.
  • Adidas presents us with this lovely commercial. This troper has no idea how this is supposed to make her want to buy their shoes, but hey, it's got pandas!
  • Black and White creator Peter Molyneux discovered that one of his employees had created this Mario animation. He immediately fired the employee and uploaded the video to Youtube for everyone to see. Apparently, it was supposed to be a satire about Nintendo "changing" their characters after the launch of the Wii. That doesn't make it any less disturbing, though.
    • That was more depressing than frightening, in all honesty.
  • All three videos of "Two Minutes of Terror" from Newsgrounds, but special mention goes to the second one, "The Watcher". Oh god.....the killer's face after it's pig mask fell off.... Ax Iv-43xEM
  • The Kryton from Threebrain
  • Everything by Cyriak. Seriously, this guy is messed up. Some prime examples include:
    • Baa: This is a movie about a sheep. such a nice OH GAWD IT SHOULDN'T DO THAT!
    • something: 1950's stock footage, and things have been done to it. Terrible terrible things.
    • hand fingers , a good example of Body Horror.
    • Cobwebs. Let's just say that if you're an arachnophobe, this is not the video for you.
  • Bear Bear is a nice little mixture of Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker. What happens when a teddy bear who suffers from Seperation Anxiety? Well......
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