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Main Characters


The eponymous character of the series, NiGHTS is a carefree, mysterious being that flies around the world of dreams. Zhe's interested in anything new and unusual, including Visitors, and tends to do hir own thing, for the most part. NiGHTS has a tendency to be unthinkingly rude, especially towards Owl, but zhe generally acts in fun, and means no harm.

Claris Sinclair

An aspiring singer with a serious case of stage fright, Claris finds her way into Nightopia after a disastrous audition.

Elliot Edwards

A friendly, popular boy who loses confidence in himself after the local Jerk Jock and his friends push him around. He then finds his way into Nightopia...

Helen Cartwright

A child prodigy who is gifted at playing the violin. She's very close to her mother, and finds herself in the Night Dimension when she begins to have nightmares out of guilt for sacrificing her time with her mother for her social life.

William Taylor

A lonely boy whose favorite hobby is soccer. He's very close to his father, so when the man leaves for a business trip, Will's loneliness leads to nightmares. It's after this he finds his way to the Night Dimension.


An elderly, owl-like Nightopian, he serves as a guide to both Helen and Will throughout Journey of Dreams. He panics easily in bad situations and is irritated by NiGHTS' childish antics.



The ruler and creator of Nightmare. Wizeman created the Nightmaren as well. He seeks to rule over the Night Dimension (and the waking world in the US version of NiGHTS into Dreams) and is especially interested in corrupting Nightopia.


NiGHTS' rival. Unlike NiGHTS, he's cruel and insidious, willing to do just about anything to get what he wants. He is completely loyal to Wizeman and is constantly out on missions from him.


A second-level Nightmaren created by Wizeman. Only appears in the first game.

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